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10 reasons why you need a CRM.

Eloi, 30/01/2020

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10 reasons why you need a CRM. 

Last article on CRM, was about introducing to you what a CRM is. If you missed it you can find the article here! And if not, no worries, you’ll find a quick recall further down in this article. Today, let’s see more in details why you should have one. And your probably will want one. Because unless you are omniscient and have a flawless memory, you will need a CRM, as your business keeps getting new (potential) clients. And also, because you want to keep your clients that you already have. 

Let's have a quick recall, shall we?

At WavySys, we say that learning is also a matter of repetition. It is part of the learning process. That’s why let’s go through a short recall of the basics: what is a CRM? In a quick overview, what should we know about CRM? 

A CRM can be both an easy and difficult topic to talk about. From the user side side to the developer’s one. They are many things we can elaborate on. But as stated in the acrononym, Customer Relationship Management, is really about customer data management. Providing your company a CRM, is getting the advantage of a tool, in order to acquire customers, track your marketing and sales efforts and get enough flexiblity.

Because you are in control. 

But to make it simple, here are 10 reasons that will make your life easier. Especially on the topic of customer management. 

1. See what's happening in your company


Having a CRM, it is choosing to grant access to the software to all of your colleagues. Everyone has a single place to report to. You can quickly overview what others are doing and how their progresses with your customers are going. 

Help everyone stay motivated. 

One place for everyone. No matter how big your team is, or how much more clients you get per month, there’s one single place for all of them. Having one software in charge helps organize your work and makes processes easier.

2. Center your work


3. Share your knowledge easy and fast

Mac Book

Noticed something about your client worth sharing to your colleagues? Or maybe there’s just nothing special to say about? With a CRM, all the knowledge your team acquires are compiled in one file. Keep your teammates instantly up to date by sharing information everybody in your company can access. 

Looking for a customer located in Thaïland, that bought product X?

No matter how many customers you have. Or, how many products you have, you can always set filters to sort out your database. Find your contacts in no time. Fast and intuitive, don’t spend any more time on scrolling huge client lists.

4. Sort your list easily

Storage furniture

5. Access your list from outside the office

servers and cables

Abroad, on a Yacht, in the office or on the bus, get access to your database from anywhere. Cloud-based softwares mean that there are accessible as long as you have an internet connection. (phone, laptop etc…) No more time waiting to get to the office, or to carry external hard drive.

Only have 25 customers? Or maybe you have 2880 contacts, or expect a 200% growth in client? A CRM grows as you grow. They also are designed in order to keep you organized no matter the size of your customer based.

6. Be prepared for growth

WavySys Customer Relation Management Tool

7. Make your reporting easily


Access one client profile and see all the stages and latest developments with her/him. Each profile compiles in a chronological order every exchanges made between your company and her/him. 

Give your clients the impression that they take advantage of their appointments with you. Have everything handy to help and answer the queries of your customers. See what he asked at the previous exchange,  and write down what has be done on that present day. The system helps you remember him. 

8. Better customer experience

people shaking hands

9. Integrated Live Messenger


Can’t find the email you sent 2 months ago to customer A? Or maybe are you used to copy paste your client email address from an excel sheet to send him one? A CRM gathers all email exchanges per profile. Select a profile, see all emails and just click to send him a new one thanks to the emailing integration. 


Use the reporting provided by your CRM so that you can quickly make an appropriate decision concerning your customers. Be fast enough to retain customers, and provide fast and quality answers to convince new ones.  

10. Make better and faster decisions

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