10 reasons why SEO matters for yacht charter companies

Let’s pick you up where you are right now: SEO is a buzzword flowing around but you don’t really know what it does. You think that it is a google tool more or less. You heard it is super expensive and doesn’t bring anything, why should you anyways invest in your website you have updated 5 years ago. You don’t get booking request by your website so why should you waste time on that.

Here are 10 reasons why SEO matters for your yacht charter company:

1. SEO is a crucial part of your marketing mix

Search Engine Optimization is one additional way for your company marketing to work for you. The good thing with SEO is that you can really measure it in real-time. What you see is what you get. There are easy ways to analyze your current status in terms of your keywords, your strategy and of course the ranking. Also are many other points critical to your ranking. The question about SEO should not be anymore: should I invest in it or not, the question is now: how much do I invest in it.

2. SEO is an investment no costs

To optimize your page in search engines like google are not a one day job. You need to stay long term on it and it will give you what you want : better ranking, more website visits and requests from potential customers. Connect your analytics with your SEO strategy together and you will be amused how far this can go. When you get it right and position yourself in the top 3 row you will be overwhelmed by the traffic you get. 

3. SEO is like you are opening a dam, how do you catch the fish?

When traffic starts rising you will have the feeling with SEO that some kind of magic dam broke and receive more customer requests than ever. But is your website ready for online booking or do you still use a non working contact field? Is your web design appealing so your customer doesn’t feel like they hit the 90ies flashback. Is your website sales optimised? You should definitely make a strategy about how you want to lead in SEO over your competitors.

 4. SEO updates your research and buy cycle

Yes that is right. Your sales will increase without your marketing costs grow. Your profits will rise and over time they grow even more. How can this happen? Paid marketing has it limits as SEO gives you the chance of potential growth in to increase your conversion rates fundamentally. Don’t get fooled by thinking that you build at one time your brand and your customers will always come to you when they need something. Customers are constantly searching for better opportunities. They want the best deal they can get for their money. That is why when your customer searches you need to rank high… et voilà you with your top 3 ranking have the highest chances of your potential customer clicks on your website. Good that you invested in SEO

5. SEO is never to expensive

The whole pricing for SEO is a crazy and not reviewable market. How do I know that I don’t spend to much on SEO? You should always be sure not to overdo something. SEO is part of the game, but as a long term investment, you don’t throw all your eggs in one basket, right? Get a partner you can trust and work together on the strategy that supports your budget. Better some SEO than no SEO!

6. SEO helps people finding your website

Yes thanks captain obvious! But this is what SEO is about. REAL people will find your website. You paid money for the building of the website and you want to get a return of investment. SEO helps you for that! Real people click on your website, find out about your offers and will maybe come again, read about your content, want to get in contact with you. With SEO you build a strong sales funnel with your website.Let me explain it from another point of view: Without SEO your website is worth nothing because no one clicks on it.

7. SEO reduces costs of commission and marketing

You are paying a commission on every booking to travel agencies and you say: “This is how the market works.” I am sorry to tell you, this is just one part of the deal. Good SEO can reduce your marketing costs as you don’t need to pay so much on Facebook Ads or Google Ads anymore, you also convert customers via your website WITHOUT commission. Don’t lose money if you can easily prevent it.

8. SEO is a long-term strategy

Like good stocks rise overtime, good wine wins in value, good SEO is the key to success. And you can use this knowledge for your advantage. Build SEO into your strategy. The good thing is of SEO is done right, you can see normally results fast. Compared to PPC you have a longer time frame to see results in your ranking. Also done correctly, SEO can hold for a long time and give you better results for a longer period. 

9. Seo is cost effective and measurable
The conversion for SEO can increase exponentially compared to your other marketing activities. With normal marketing you have always in mind your price to contact 1000 people. Your conversion rate can change in marketing. With good SEO your chance of getting more conversions increases as you will be seen to be more trustable than classic marketing.

10. SEO beats paid traffic

That includes several factors: a) organic search is more clicked than paid-search, b) organic search is more trusted and has a bigger potential than you budget for PPC and c) in overall statistics customers that found you organically will convert on a higher chance than with ads.

Find your way into SEO. Get experts with you where you are interested in working long term with them. Also make sure that you see SEO as a longterm partner for the success of your company. It is your way to stand out with your offers and your brand.


You have any question how you can benefit as a charter company with SEO or you don’t know how to take the first step? Please contact our professionals at WavySys to get the support you deserve.

Mark Dürr

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