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10 reasons why you should run away from a CRM

Eloi, 31/01/2020

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10 reasons why you should run away from a CRM

In our two last articles on CRM we have explained to you what it is and why you should use one. And it is true that sometimes, as a digital solutions provider, we think everyone should implement digital tools in their businesses. But we were wrong! Not everyone needs one, so if you are wondering whether you should use one, here are 10 reasons why you should run away from a CRM. 

So, you should run away because

1. You don't want to organize your customers

Someone with many sheets on his desk

Some people prefer to be organized, some others really don’t. And, they will tell you that they prefer having tons of paper sheets accumulated on their desk along with messy excel sheets.

There’s no fun if you don’t spend time looking for a piece of information.

We totally get you. Selling it’s only for the over rated businesses. Why should you sell when you can go bankrupt? And did you know that, you could actually save money because you wouldn’t need sales representatives?

2. You don't want to sell

sponge bob saying "nope"

3. You are old school

Pac man

Well, for this one we forgive you. We totally respect people wearing vintage clothes and playing Pac Man. Don’t change a bit, you’re already perfect! 

You hear it almost everyday, especially from the people not into new technologies. And it is true, it can create evil. But let’s not forget that without it we wouldn’t have Instagram or Netflix and plenty of other web services. (like a CRM)

4. Software is the ground of evil

5. You are raising llamas in Peru


We have to admit. We don’t really see the point in having a CRM somewhere in the countryside, in Peru. Or maybe you can teach your llamas how to enter data in a CRM. Good luck though! 

 “Be different, think outside the box”.  You’ve heard this one before right? Well, wouldn’t it be super smart to fail your business when your competitors are succeeding? Isn’t it being different? 


6. You want to have a failing business

Character declaring bankrupt

7. You want to keep your job

Character saying it's my job

We know that technologies destroy employment and we really value whatever you might be doing. If you think a CRM can destroy your position, maybe it’s best if you sabotage it before your boss decides to get one.

Humans love problems. Who would say no to a morning argument with your colleagues while having coffee? Or that thrill of getting angry looks from them when working in the open space? 

8. You love complicated relationships

Simpsons starring

9. You are afraid of mishandling

clumsy perso

Always get things wrong? For example, your boss tells you to fix something and you just end up making it worse? Then, you’re probably right, you should stay away from a CRM.

When you think about it, the saying is quite true “never change a running system”. We get that it would be too risky to change processes. But isn’t it more dangerous to risk your whole business model, when facing changes? 

10. You never change a running system

soccer shot

Being more serious,

We know that we can be quite reluctant, hesitant when it comes to making changes in the way we operate. Sometimes because it costs, or because it takes time and we are afraid that it won’t work out. Digital can be tricky to handle, especially when we are not really familiar with it. And that’s a totally normal feeling.

When we care about a business, we want the best for it. 

Here at WavySys, we believe that our digital solutions are what’s best for you. Because what’s best for you is what’s best for us.  

And you should also know that, not only are we proving digital tools, but also customer support to help you out in every way possible.  

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