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2019 Throwback at Wavy

Eloi, 24/01/2020

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2019 Throwback at Wavy

“Fail fast, learn fast” 

So would Mark (CEO of Wavy) tell you when onboarding at the young company. By getting quick feedbacks we can better learn and better adjust our course of actions. If this saying is true in 2020, it was already the case in 2019. And we can surely say that we learned a lot and got very satisfying goal reach. 

Cover picture of the Blog Post on the Throwback at Wavy for year 2019

That’s the way it works.

In many software development companies, we use sprints and backlogs. A sprint is a short cycle, usually around 2 weeks. A backlog is a stack of feature or things to accomplish within this sprint. 

At Wavy,

we usually work in a one-week sprint. There’s a starting line and a finish line. And in between we try to accomplish as much as we can. We, of course, make sure quality is always present. 

We ran many many sprints in 2019, and this allowed us to reach the goals that had been set on a quaterly basis. And, also let us have a clearer vision on what needs to be further done. 

By the end of 2019, we gathered our internal data and decided to let you know about! 

We could spend

millions of lines writing about what we’ve done. But let’s make it simple! 

The first half of 2019 

was mostly time for strategic thinking and development processes to get us up and running. In June a major product was launched : the Booking Button. This eagerly awaited feature allowed boat owners to create, manage and integrate a link to let their customer directly access to booking process. The idea was to offer the charters a link they could use on any of their digital channel. Indeed, we realized that every one of them had their proper use of digital channels, and that it would provide more flexilibility  if they could choose for themselves. 

As a result,

along with our amazing Sales Team, charters started, first to see out of curiosity, then to register and finally to adopt. 

Infopragphics on business performances in 2019
Infographics on LinkedIn social metrics

2019, was 

also about when social media strategies started to take concrete shapes. B2B marketing is not the same as doing a B2C one. 

The question

we constantly ask ourselves is : “how do we deliver relevant and original content to our professional readers and followers?”

We are still in continous adjustement of our strategy as we grow. But we can already see the early fruits of it. LinkedIn, is for now, the best social platform for B2B communication. We therefore, assure to post content aligned with what our LinkedIn followers are expecting to see. 

The statistics

speak for themselves. Talking about digital solutions is greatly appreciated for people seeking to develop their businesses. 


on its side, has witnessed an exponential growth, particularly from young professionals. If you are interested to get some peaks of Wavy behind the scene, to see how it’s like to work here, just click here!

Infographics on LinkedIn social metrics
Infographics on WavySys You Tube Channel


when you talk to people working in digital, they make it sound so simple and intuitive. But when you’re not really familiar with it, you might need a hand. And this, even if we really try our best to provide you with a great User Experience. 

That’s why, 

along with our HelpDesk , you will find on Youtube, a series of educational videos to help get started with our tools. And if you are still hesistating on using WavySys for example, you will find a video that will explain you what’s in it for you!

Infographics and recap of other developments
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