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WavySys REST API is here

WavySys launches its much requested API (Application Programming Interface) product. Our REST based API is the best solution to take your business to the next level. 

Strong technological backbone, vast database and transparent pricing options – this is what you get with WavySys API.

In the paragraph below we explain in more details about why you need to integrate with our API as soon as possible.

1. Let's talk tech: REST rules

Why is WavySys different from the other APIs available on the market? Well, we are happy to explain. The more common API variant on the market is a xml based API. Xml APIs are commonly found as SOAP API (Simple Object Access Protocol). They follow a standard protocol and are a standardised systems that permit using different operating systems like Windows or Linux. SOAP based APIs are designed to create, recover, update and delete records like accounts, passwords, leads, and custom objects.

SOAP APIs are typically used in cases where there is a web based protocol like https or xml. They can easily be manipulated by developers and can get responses without caring too much about the language and platform at all.

Well, what is a REST API and why does it make a difference?

 A REST API works as a channel of communication of different web services between computers and systems. These APIs are backed by an architectural system of REST (Representational state transfer). Web services, database systems and computer systems in a REST API architecture permit requesting to a robust access.  They redefine representation of a web based service by deploying a predefined set of stateless protocols and standard operations. The results in a fast and steady access and smooth running while having a minimum of fixes.

 The result is that with an REST API you can redeploy the manageable and updatable contents without causing effects on the system. It delivers a fast performance, is reliable and allows more progression.


Why should you choose REST API instead of SOAP API?

  • REST APIs use multiple standards like URL, JSON, HTTP, and XML while SOAP APIs are largely based on HTTP and XML.
  • While using fewer resources and bandwidth as compared to SOAP, REST API  deploys multiple standards. SOAP uses XML for the creation of Payload which results in the larger file.
  • Too many standards are defined by SOAP API and things are only implemented in a standard way, this often resulting in a miscommunication by the service and error. This can’t happen with an REST API as it does not define so many standards.
  • REST API is more convenient when working with Javascript and the integration is more easy as compared to SOAP. SOAP APIs don’t support broader implementation.

Motivated team will hold your hand through the integration

From the start at point zero we have built a dedicated team for backend and frontend development which is ready to help with the integrating of our api and also to help in the form of other services.

When you need integration help with WavySys please contact us and we can give you the right solution for your needs.

 Updates are coming

 The available and current api is the first version of our api released. With all the market standard api ends we are ready for new ends to come up to react to current changes in offers in the market and also demands from customers.

 Even now our team is working on the next api ends.

2. WavySys database: a treasure chest

What are agencies craving for? New offers, recently published boats and destinations never offered before.

WavySys follows a broader approach than any system you have seen in the market. 

We have boats in our system that can be categorized by boat type like sailing yachts, catamaran etc. and also by charter type bareboat or skippered. There are more booking options available for the categorization as well there are new options going to be updated very soon.

There are also options like day charter, several day charters, week charter, hourly charter and special tours for example sunset tours. You can set variations when your weekly charter starts or also how long your hourly charter lasts. Take a look at our pricing system update:

How to use the new WavySys pricing system?

Within the next updates we will add a possibility for charter companies to add more activity options. We currently experiment with a good partner for packaged offers, also coming in a bigger update this year.

Other than that, until now, there have been around 400 charter companies delivering their boat data to WavySys. Based on your requests, we have created a fair and transparent pricing. Moreover, we demonstrate our aim to create a long term relationship with our partners by offering a solid trial time with the yearly package (more info in the relevant paragraph below).

Find out more about the offers when you register as agency here:

Becoming an agency

3. Attractive pricing options

WavySys offers two types of API access payment plans.  

The flexible plan:

 This is a monthly plan with a monthly payment. With this plan you can start immediately and also cancel whenever it fits you. Your subscription ends then at the end of the next period. 

 This is a great option when you want to stay flexible and test the product.

 The second plan is for the established companies who want long term relationships. 

 The long term plan:

 This is a one year plan where you get a 20% discount. 

On top of that, you have a chance to test the system for two month before signing for the year. In case you don’t like the service, you just cancel it. However, if you do like our service and decide to stay for a year (12 following months), the payment for these two months will be requested additionally to the yearly payment..

 For agencies is a 1% commission cost per booking.

Sounds good right?

Early access is available now!

 With the current launch of WavySys API you have now the chance of becoming an early access partner. You can be among the first in the industry benefiting from the new technology and offers that WavySys delivers.

With the early access you save also on our pricing plans. Got questions? Contact us, we are happy to explain.

Find out more about WavySys CRM by reading our latest articles on the topic!

Still haven’t found what you are looking for? Try the Help Desk

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