About us

The Wavy Vision:

The Wavy GmbH stands for the digital advancement of the boat renting industry. We build digital products for charters, travel agencies, platforms and booking systems. We build bridges to the digital transformation and new technological developments like process and payment automation and AI. 

Our goal is always 110% customer satisfaction. We promote this on a personal, technical and future-oriented level. Our drive is the innovation through digitization and our enthusiasm for water sports. 

We take quality to a new level and are the number one company for booking data management and distribution. from regional to international. It is important to us to live a fair competition, to inspire customers and to face our tasks with enthusiasm. We are a reliable partner for our employees, customers and partners.

The Wavy Mission: 

Every single employee determines the success of the Wavy GmbH. In order for the Wavy GmbH to become and remain the most innovative, successful multiplicator and booking system, each individual must contribute their skills and achievements, question them and further develop themselves. Wavy company encourages his employees to grow beyond themselves and supports them on their path to self-fulfillment. Appreciation, openness, mutual trust and fairness are lived values. 

Unique Selling Proposition:

“WavySys is the most innovative and secure boat platform and convinces with its unique booking system. WavySys stands for excellent customer service – renting boats has never been so easy”.

Core Values:

  • Modesty and Cost-Consciousness
  • Innovation, Discipline and Growth
  • Will power and Enthusiasm
  • Diversity & Inclusion – Courage for Diversity; Togetherness, Integration and Appreciation
  • Economic, Ecological and Socially Sustainable Action: no Endangering Human and Environment
  • Encouragement to a Healthy, Sporty and conscious Lifestyle
  • Taking Responsibility; Recognition of Achievement, offer of Chances
  • Leadership through Exemplary, Transparent Behavior; Life of Conscious Gratitude
  • Courage and Will to Change; Rethinking old Structures
  • Design of User-Friendly and Effective Products as well as Services to Delight Customers

Strategic Goals:


  • become the world leader in the boat renting sector
  • to increase the market potential for boat renters and charterers
  • increase productivity by efficiently communicating the potential use of boats on the platform


  • become a strategic partner for innovative approaches and companies in the boat sector
  • advancing digitization in the boat market
  • use synergies efficiently in order to create as much customer value as possible
  • change digital application systems in the B2C online placement sector across industries and become market leaders for innovation
  • improve customer service quality in the industry by driving digitization and intelligent technologies in the field


  • Wavy GmbH stands for social responsibility and supports the social understanding of  transformation through digitization and new customer service approaches – politically, culturally and socially


  • Synergy of improving corporate image and environmental goals through collaboration with associations, charity events, maximum emissions generated per booking or offsetting emissions through low monetary overhead.
  • Exclusive cooperation and promotion of partners who stand for an ecological and sustainable use of the platform and its products

Staff and leadership:

  • individual support of employees
  • future-oriented company management
  • Simplification of structures, procedures and processes
  • Leadership from inside – employee motivation -> interaction between competence, responsibility and task
  • No bosses, only leaders – leadership through exemplary behavior

The following exclusion criteria apply to WavySys for partners and investors:

Controversial business areas:

  • Production of alcoholic beverages
  • Production of tobacco products
  • Gambling facilities (also online)
  • Development, production or distribution of armaments (according to Annex War Weapons Control Act)
  • Development, production or distribution of internationally outlawed weapons (eg landmines)
  • Generation of nuclear energy
  • Producing or distributing pornographic material

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