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Amaury, Sales representative

Eloi, 27/02/2020

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Category: WavySys Spotlight

Amaury, Sales Representative

Amaury joined us as a Sales Intern for a 6 months. Now he is currently working part time as a Sales representative, along side his studies in Business Administration. 

Let’s find out more about him in our new WavySys Team Interview Series. Have a great reading! 

"Let's get back to basics, what can you tell us about you?"

Soccer field Amaury

I come from Paris, France and I am currently studying Business Administration in Neoma Business School. I first came to Wavy as an intern and when it was over I decided to stay and work part time because I am still studying. 

I am fond of soccer and tennis and I like to play video games; I really appreciate sport and love to compete. 

I think that various missions create good relationships with others. It helps them and bring solutions to the problem they might have. I don’t like to have a routine. I prefer to do different things during my day. I am curious and I want to discover new things, I don’t want to stay in my comfort zone.

The values I try to hold on to are respect, fairness and loyalty because I think these are the keys to achieve the goal in a team. I believe that you have to respect your supervisor and your supervisor has to respect you. Because if someone doesn’t respect the other it just won´t work. I am loyal and honest , I think these values are bound together because when you are honest it also shows that you are loyal and you are not afraid to tell the truth to collaborate.

"What are your driving values? What makes you drive?"​

rubik´s cube Amaury

"What or who do you find inspiring?"

Elon Musk inspired me a lot also because he is leading the future of humanity. In his world, there are no such things as problems. There is always an opportunity to innovate our world and I like this optimistic vision of the society. 

But who I truly see as an example is my brother. First, he is my big brother and to me he is really working hard to achieve his life. Now he is currently working as a banker in a famous business bank in Paris. He is a very motivated guy who knows when he has to get the work done and when this is a time for enjoying life.

Since I was child, I always wanted to work in a startup because I want to feel useful. In addition, I think that the missions are various in a startup so you get to see more things. You also have closer relationships thanks to the small team, and everyone has quite the same issues and needs to find solutions in a team.

I think that startups lead to innovation in technology and in general. Start-ups think to create new markets and bring solutions to society problems.

My first day at Wavy was very nice! The team members were totally welcoming, but I quickly understood that we were in a serious company. I was also a little bit stressed because I didn’t know anything about the German  culture. I had never been to the country before and neither did I work with German people. I didn’t know how to speak with my supervisor and also how to ask questions.  But in the end they knew how to make me feel into the company and after a few days I was comfortable in the company and with my colleagues. 

"What can you tell us about the startup world?

How was your onboarding here at Wavy?"

"What's your vision on new technologies and the digital world?"

Robot Amaury

I think the digital world is very huge nowadays and the system needs it in order to develop every sector of activity. Technology is shaping our future and we see that all leaders in every sector are the leader in term of technology innovation which is also linked with other innovations ( management, business model). I think new technologies is a very good thing for the society but it can also bring bad aspects as we can see with social networks with harassment or other things like that.  

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