Crisis Management WavySys Brief

How well?

Due to the Covid-19, we are sharing this WavySys brief to help the WavySys community quickly get started in matter of Business Crisis Management.

Covid-19 and WavySys Community

As part of the WavySys Community, we inform the best we can when situations like the Covid-19 appear in our lives. Nothing to be really afraid of, but…

Amaury, Sales representative

Amaury Julienne is our French Sales Representative, working part time along his studies in Business Administration yith a focus in Sales.

Julien Hamel, Sales Intern

Julien Hamel

Julien Hamel is a new intern at WavySys. Coming from France, He is taking part into the sales and account management. Let’s find out about him!

Top 5 bays around Greece

Top 5 bays around Greece

Planning a boat trip to Greece and can’t decide which bay to visit? Discover the top 5 bays around Greece, by Patras Yachting.

Yacht Charter Market in 2020

Yacht Charter Market 2020

The Yacht Charter market has a great potential of evolution, starting as soon as 2020. Read our WavySys news to find out more about the upcoming trends.

How to request a Crew List

How to request a Crew List

You need to have the Crew List of your client when managing your bookings. Find how to request a crew list using WavySys CRM.

How to add my Terms & Conditions?

How to add my Terms & Conditions

You are about to finalize a booking and need to add your terms and conditions? Learn in this article how to add your terms and conditions with WavySys CRM.

Tal Zukert, Global Yacht Rentals

Tal Zukert

Part of our #Spotlight Series, we interviewed Tal Zukert. Part of the WavySys community, he tells more about his activity and himself.