WavySys Booking Button

Get more bookings directly through your social media channels, via email, or directly from your website

With our special booking link you make it extremely easy for your customers to book boats and you save a lot of effort.

Be present where your customers are and benefit from the digitalisation with the Booking Button.

How it

Step 1

Activate the Booking button in your WavySys account.

Step 2

Click on “Get the link”, select the language you want your boat to be displayed and copy the link.

Step 3

Get more bookings by adding the link to your boat offers on your website and in your emails or share it through your social media channels. 

How it

Step 2

Click on “Get the link”, select the language you want your boat to be displayed and copy the link.

Bookings made easy

Take a look at these two videos to understand how the Booking Button works and what the difference is compared to the old way of booking a boat.


More money per booking

Avoid the middleman by having more customers buy directly from you. All you have to do is use your social media channels, your website and your email newsletter.

Save your time

By giving your customers direct access to your boat and the ability to book it directly, you save a lot of time for consultation and communication.

Automatic offer translation

People from all over the world want to book your boats and understand what you offer. Attract more customers to your boats with our automatic offer translation.

Super easy to use

Nobody likes to deal with complicated software and spend hours understanding it. The WavySys Booking button is self-explanatory and can be used in less than 60 seconds.

Get the Booking Button

  • Automated booking process
  • Easy one click booking
  • Quickly insertable into any website
  • Also suitable for mobile devices
  • Low price: 1€ per boat per month

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