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WavySyS is everything you need to make your business successful. Get an overview of all your yachts with just one click and let it organize booking automatically for you.


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One big market with all unique and different businesses within it. Get the tools that fit you.

Online deposit management

Automate the deposit transfers between customer bank account and a charter owned escrow account. Fast, predictable and 100% safe.

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Listing auto-translation

Translate your boat offers into over 11 different languages with just one click. This makes your offers more appealing to every customer and easier readable, as they are individually available in their native language.

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Genuine real-time availability

Don’t keep your customers waiting with typical booking systems and process booking requests in under one second. Save bookings ahead the competition.

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Various payment solutions

Offer your customers more than just one payment option. With us you can use bank transfer, credit card payment, Paypal and more.

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