We got a 100k investment!

open WavySys app back to the all articles We got a 100k investment. Investment for Wavy GmbH  We have a reason to celebrate! Last week we received our first investment of 100k EUR. Wavy GmbH is also officially authorized to receive INVEST funding. The team of course celebrates this very much. The business angel is a private investor with a great […]

Charter market analysis

open WavySys app back to the all articles Charter market analysis In order to be able to do successful business, it is important to inform yourself regularly about the latest developments in the market. If a business owner has a deep understanding of the current situation of  the market and can position himself as an […]

Wavy is INVEST fundable!

open WavySys app back to the all articles Wavy is INVEST fundable!   „INVEST brings together start-ups and private investors who believe in bold ideas. The program mobilizes more private venture capital from business angels and helps start-ups find investors more easily.“   INVEST – An investment for start-ups The realization of new ideas that […]

WavySys Partner

open WavySys app back to the all Articles WavySys Partner Wavy Partner Wavy GmbH believes that with the right cooperations and partners, growth, efficiency and speed can be achieved. That is why we have a large network of partners and associations of which we are a member. Whether it is about payment administration or excursions within our WavyWeeks or at WavyBoats, our partners support us in the […]

WavySys Company Updates Juni

open WavySys app back to the all Articles Company Updates Every month WavySys launches new updates that bring new features and improvements. In this article you will learn everything about the WavySys Update 1.54 and what else is new for Wavy GmbH: The Travel Agency Login This month it finally happened: WavySys launched the Travel Agency Login. We […]