Covid-19 and WavySys Community

As part of the WavySys Community, we inform the best we can when situations like the Covid-19 appear in our lives. Nothing to be really afraid of, but…

Yacht Charter Market in 2020

Yacht Charter Market 2020

The Yacht Charter market has a great potential of evolution, starting as soon as 2020. Read our WavySys news to find out more about the upcoming trends.

Being an Intern at Wavy

If you are wondering how it’s like being part of the WavySys team, then this article is for you!

2019 Throwback at Wavy

Cover picture of the Blog Post on the Throwback at Wavy for year 2019

2019 was full of inputs from all the team-members. It was a decisive year were we accomplished as much as we could. Let’s have that throwback!

The Asian yacht charter market

back to the help desk The Asian Yacht Charter Market Asian Tourism In the last thirty years, tourism in Asia grew a lot thanks to globalization. European and American people like to discover a totally different culture from what we are used to seeing in our country. Tourism in Asia is growing faster than anywhere […]

We update our Terms & Conditions for SEO and update the Booking Button

back to the help desk WavySys change of T&Cs for SEO Services and end of beta phase for Booking Button We change our Terms & Conditions for the SEO Services and our Booking Button. The new T&Cs come in force on the 15th of January 2020. New T&Cs for SEO Services WavySys offers SEO Services […]

WavySys Update 09/2019

WavySys is proud to announce the new update to and for the WavySys app. You gave us your feedback in the last few weeks and…

Culture at the WavySys

back to the help desk Culture at the WavySys Culture in company is one of the most underrated but most important columns in a company. Culture is how you live in the company, how do you work with your coworkers and how do you represent the company to the outside. In our customer oriented view […]

We got a 100k investment!

back to the help desk We got a 100k investment. Investment for Wavy GmbH  We have a reason to celebrate! Last week we received our first investment of 100k EUR. Wavy GmbH is also officially authorized to receive INVEST funding. The team of course celebrates this very much. The business angel is a private investor with a great network in travel partners […]

Wavy is INVEST fundable!

INVEST brings together start-ups and private investors who believe in bold ideas. The program mobilizes more private venture capital from…