Penta Bank and Wavy

Penta Bank testimonial

When founding Wavy, it was important to get strong and flexible basis. Getting to work with Penta Bank, was one of them. Find out more and get 100€.

Wavy & Telekom Tech Boost

Wavy & Telekom Boost

Startups are never alone! Many programs provide support to them and will help them grow. Learn more about Wavy and Telekom Tech Boost program.

What is SEO?

What is SEO?

SEO in its simplest terms are actually really easy to understand. SEO is about getting to know the mechanics behind a search engine and a user.

How to use SEM campaigns to boost your business

back to the help desk SEM – Search Engine Marketing perfect for a yacht charter company SEM means Search Engine Marketing. It is referred to as one of the most important marketing channels in today’s world. SEM is a compliment to other optimization processes, like SEO or content optimization. Once SEM the main term for […]

How to build a USP as a yacht charter company?

back to the help desk How to build my Unique Selling Point as a yacht charter company? This post is part of our charter company support series. In this series we are going deep into branding, sales and company strategies to build a strong company. Today we have an eye on the USP of your […]

How you can design your onboarding processes

You thought that most of the work when welcoming a new employee was made after the interviews? That’s where you wrong! It was only the first step. Well ntegrating a new employee needs a well designed onboarding process.