Charter and Travel Agency SEO Strategy

Search engine optimization does not only depend on using the right keywords but also on a good long-term strategy.

From one day to the next, nobody will make it into the first search results in the organic Google Ranking. It takes a lot more time. As a rule one assumes that a noticeable success is to be marked after approximately one year of continuous SEO work.

This is mainly due to the fact that Google scans websites again and again and then checks them for relevance to a certain keyword. If you now publish more and more relevant content on the same subject area, then the relevance of the page for google increases. After some time and several scans on the part of Google it is possible to achieve very good ranking results in Google search.

Especially because this process is not very easy and only pays off after a lot of work and persistence, not many people go this way or break off before it can have any effect at all.
Exactly here, of course, a huge opportunity for charter companies and travel agencies can lie. Who holds out long enough and supplies high-quality content, is rewarded and this cannot be copied so fast by competitors. 

This is how charters and travel agencies should start with SEO

As mentioned above, realistic expectations should be set at the beginning. For this it is important to make an exact plan in which you record what and when exactly content will be published.

At this point it is worth mentioning that a good SEO ranking can only be achieved with a lot of content within a website. This means that a blog with a lot of articles has to be created. The content of every article must always fit the topic of the website and nothing should double.

For Travel Agencies

Here it is especially useful to write articles about the numerous destinations you offer. It is also best to write several articles for each destination, in which different things like good restaurants, activities for families, sightseeings and something like that are discussed. Articles can also be written about dangers, for example if there are poisonous animals in the respective destination or especially many pickpockets.

For Charter Companies

As a charter entrepreneur you will usually only offer boats within a certain region. In this case you should focus on this region and possibly also the closer area. You can present yourself as an expert and give tips that nobody else can give. Also here it is naturally appropriate to report about particularly beautiful trip destinations or also dangers. However you should be able to write more detailed articles and find more topics about a certain region. Gladly also articles can be written in which your customers tell about their experiences with your boat on his trip or employees talk about their life. Stories are always read with joy.

Whether you are a charter company or a travel agency. For both sides it is really important to take care to publish articles regularly and of course to optimize them technically for SEO. This means to keep a certain keyword concentration, to set correct tags for the headlines as well as to fill in the meta descriptions of the pages and articles and pictures correctly.

You can find more about the technical SEO optimization under Wavy Advise in our articles. We wish you much success!

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