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The time has finally come: our interview series with experts, charterers, customers and partners starts. As announced in the article on the “WavyInterviews” campaign, we ask questions about the topic of yacht charter market and future trends, answered by charterers and boat owners.

The second interviewee in our series is Elias Sakellis, who offers his sailboats during Wavy Weeks in Greece:


Interview with Elias Sakellis

WavySince when do you crave for boats? Tell us your story.

Elias: My hobbies are sailing & flying. That’s why I’m a member of Kallithea & Tzitzifies Yachtclub &. Piraeus Aero Club. In 1984 I started yacht chartering in Greece. I founded Med Sun Yachts with a Gib Sea 106 called “Free Way”. Two years later, a Beneteau 35 named “Marlin” joined the company and in 1987 I founded Helios Yachts & Chartering LTD. At that time I owned four Van de Stadts 32.

In 1998 followed a Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 33 with the name “Mivi”, in 2000 a Dromor Apollo 40 with the name “Echo” and in 2004 a Motor Yacht 44 feet with the name “Blue Island”.

Today, I am the principal shareholder of Med Sun Yachts PC & To Alt Travel Ltd (UK) and owner of an Apollo 40 a Maxi 120 and a Sun Fizz 40, and also a representative of 12 other 35 to 56 foot boats. I am also holder of a maritime diploma No. 160/1983 and a motorboat diploma No. 199920/2005.

Wavy: In which region are your boats?

Elias: Our boats are located in Alimos in Greece. In summer, however, depending on our charterer, they can be in the Ionian and Aegean Sea.

WavyWhat makes your region special?

Elias: Alimos Marina is the largest marina in Greece and the starting point of thousands of charters every year!

WavyWhat does your offer include?

Elias: We offer weekly charter trips with skipper in combination with yoga and diving. Diving is for groups of 4 to 10 people.
Our boats are between 35 to 56 feet tall. There are a total of 14 boats from the brands Bavaria, Jeanneau, Dromor, Beneteau, Ocean Star Harmony and Alfa.

WavyWhat makes your boats absolute gems?

Elias: Our boats are managed by us with a high standard and proper maintenance.

WavyWhat are the trends drivng the future of the charter sector?

Elias: The charter sector is a rising trend. Chartering in Greece is increasing year by year.

WavyWhat problems do you have as a charterer?

Elias: Since we rent our boats with a skipper, we have no more problems. But from my previous experience,  it was a serious problem to get back damaged boats after renting them out.

WavyWhy did you decide to use Wavy?

Elias: We are owners and managers of the boats and not agents. Therefore, we are very pleased to be working with Wavy as our agent.

WavyGive us 3 reasons for a boating holiday with you!

Elias: I’ve always been a skipper on our tours. In addition, I really meet ALL customers personally and discuss with them and explain the upcoming trip. Due to my 34 years of experience, I can guarantee that safety comes first during the wonderful time on the boat.

WavyTell us your personal insider tip on the spot!

Elias: Come to Greece to live your personal myth!


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