Charter: Niksa Bozic

Here we go: finally our interview series with experts, charterers, customers and partners starts. As already mentioned in the article “WavyInterviews” campaign, the interviews are about charterers and boat owners who talk about the Yacht charter market and future trends. 

We start with our partner Niksa who offers his sailboats in Croatia:


Interview with Niksa Bozic

Wavy: Since when do you crave for boats? Tell us your story.

Niksa: I have just finished my 13th season as a sailboat charterer with one-cabin sailboats and practically own a fleet of the smallest boats in the Adriatic Sea.

Wavy: In which region are your boats?

Niksa: In the middle Adriatic, in Split on the Dalmatian coast and the rest of Croatia.

Wavy: What makes your territory special?

Niksa: So many things! A consequence of this is the tourism boom in the last decade. Our region offers ideal conditions for sailing. The climate and other conditions for sailing are excellent. There are many islands, many bays, villages, good shelters and the deep sea. These are probably the reasons why Croatia  has the largest charter market in this part of the world.

Wavy: What does your offer include?

Niksa: Two Beneteau Firsts 21.7 sailboats with one cabin and classic 7-day charter offers, day trips and school or regatta sailing.

Wavy: What makes your boats absolute gems?

Niksa: My boats are characterized by a good sailing performance, a low price and easy handling.

Wavy: What are the trends drivng the future of the charter sector?

Niksa: I fear a long-term disaster due to the crowded market.

Wavy: What problems do you have as a charterer?

Niksa: I ‘m missing new market gaps that I can serve.

Wavy: Why did you decide to use Wavy?

Niksa: I wanted to open up a new sales channel to offer my boats.

Wavy: Give us 3 reasons for a boating holiday with you!

Niksa: I offer professionally maintained boats, good support before and during your sailing week – my boats are equipped with tracking devices and Croatian mobile phones so I can help my guests more efficiently. You also have the option of spending a week on the boat without having to bring 10 other people to cut costs.

Wavy: Tell us your personal insider tip on the spot!

Niksa: Do not use the ATMs to withdraw money because the exchange rate is 10% lower. And: be early in the marina or mooring, if you want to get hold of a berth in the high season.

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