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Culture in company is one of the most underrated but most important columns in a company. Culture is how you live in the company, how do you work with your coworkers and how do you represent the company to the outside.

In our customer oriented view there is the importance clear:

Customer first, then comes the company, then the team and then you as the individual

But when you as an individual are not bringing in the culture and live that, your team is failing, the company is not showing and the customer is not working with you. So culture starts at everybody.

So how can the company live a positive culture, and especially as a start up when there is “no time”?

No time means that there is no priority and this is the worst that can happen. 

Important for a good and positive working culture is to know why you should work on it, because there are benefits of it:


Job Satisfaction

They are not satisfied with their position, their job and will show that.


Recruitment in HR

Companies with a strong positive working culture are those who attract so. The logic behind that is pretty simple: you want to work for a company with a good and positive reputation. With a positive culture the talents wants to make their workplace their home.


Employee loyalty

As an addition that is affected by a positive company culture, not only recruitment is becoming easier. When they feel right, they enjoy going to work.


Work performance

A positive culture leads to a positive working performance. They invest their time in you, so give them a positive ground to do so. When employees are emotionally mentally positive they are boosted to solve current business problems.



Team members will be more likely to cooperate with each other when the culture is positive. Communication wants to be more open, interaction wants to happen more and teamwork is on a daily routine. The results of collaboration can be amazing.


Employee morale

Dedicated and motivated employees are more likely to stay with an employer. Boost the morale of your employees with a positive company culture.


Less stress

There is a great chance of losing the stress of the workday with a positive company culture. It wants to boost their health and their motivation for work.


The following tips are for increasing work satisfaction:


Grow off your current culture

There is a current culture in your company. Do not expect that employees want to take a 180 degree turn. Go to your employees and ask them, what do they like, what not. What is not good about your current culture. You want to get feedback, use those suggestions and build on that.


Employees wellness

Your employees health is a key factor for the success of your company. Employees need to give their best to give their best. If they do not know what effect does this have to your company? A positive corporate culture encourages employees to be physically, mentally and emotionally in the best condition.


Provide meaning

Employees crave a meaning of their daily work. This situation gives you the opportunity to build it. A great good. A mission, let them create their mission, their core values and let them be communicated. The big thing to solve and show: how does their work affect the company and the reality of their clients.


Encourage positivity

You can not build a positive culture when there are no goals set. With no goals your employees will leave you faster than you say: “please do not!”. Let them gather, let them create their goals and objectives. Make sure they are working according to what they can. Just thinking about payingchecks will not make them lucky.


Foster social connections

Connections on the working place are the key factor to good team environment. Teams are grouping themselves. As a leader your job is to provide your mates the opportunity to group, to exchange. Social interaction is very important for your employees. Give them the freedom to do so. The famous team is not just a basic, it is essential.


Is not that weird? As a leader you see yourself talking and deciding all the time, but what you really should do is listen? Strong cultures are those who listen to the voice of their employees. Give them the feeling of being there for them.


Culture champions

Employees need “leaders” who show what good culture is. Why do not you give them a reasonable and noble position of “cultural leader”. This person wants to show it with confidence. As a leader, your job is to identify them and let them cheer.


Our ten principles are:

  1. Keep It Simple, Stupid (KISS)
  2. Do It Now
  3. Step out of your comfort zone
  4. Fail faster
  5. Learn from it
  6. Innovate and bring in your ideas
  7. Think bigger
  8. Attitude is everything
  9. Give first
  10. Be thankful and show gratitude

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Wrote by Mark DÜRR

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