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Mark Dürr, Founder of Wavy

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Eloi, 23/01/2020

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Category: WavySys Spotlight

Mark Dürr, CEO and Founder of Wavy

Mark Dürr has been here from the beginning of the WavySys venture. He had an idea and a vision for the Yacht Charter market and decided to found Wavy GmbH, to make it happen.
This is the very first interview of the WavySys Team. Have a great reading!

"Let's get back to basics, what can you tell us about you?"

My name is Mark Dürr. I’m from Munich, but I lived a long time in the beautiful countryside, nearby Lake Ammer (Ammersee) in Bavaria. I had some more stages in my life where I was living to study for my Media Management Bachelor Degree in Munich and then started my working life in the Media and Startup City Berlin

Whenever you find me not working, you will find me hiking, kickboxing or at a local fitness center. I enjoy good books about meditation, the stock market or behavioral studies. In my creative time I am playing guitar, painting modern art or you find me building on digital app prototypes. And of course as a fiancée I enjoy my time with my beautiful future wife while we travel around the world.

My drive comes from the acceptance of change in life. You can be the power behind that or something else will change you. I enjoy stoicism in life. I wake up at 5 am, go nearly daily to fitness so I have accomplished something before others start to wake up. 


My drive is to be a better leader, a responsible team member and to be an example for that. When you believe in something and you are ready to give 110%, you will get it 10.000 times back. 


I always say: be patient, be resilient. The most important values are for me to be resilient. Be focused and stay strong, even when everything goes down by the river. And if you cannot be yourself, be Batman. 

"What are your driving values? What makes you drive?"

"What or who do you find inspiring?"

There are three books that formed the person that I am now: The power of now from Eckart Tolle, Principles by Ray Dalio and From the peace of mind, Seneca. 

I find inspiring people who reinvent themselves and to push the boundaries of their own. I look up to people who do good in life and give to others. 

I am on a lifetime search for my inner peace and I can truly find it while painting, playing guitar, pushing weights or being a founder.


As a founder, I am part of the startup world. I know a lot of other founders and people working in this industry from coaches, incubators and so on. Being part of the startup world you get to have this great freedom of testing and building. And otherwise you are looked on as “a startup”. 

In addition, I think startups can be there to push boundaries, to make products and markets evolve and to bring in, a new way of competition and solutions. Startups are there for change and change is always good. 

My first impression on onboarding to Wavy is simply clear: I had this vision of digitalising the whole yacht charter market and to bring the benefits of digitalisation. My drive here is to help and be a partner on eye level. 

And to be fair: There was no onboarding for me as a founder. You just jump into the cold water.

"What can you tell us about the startup world?
And how is the onboarding here at Wavy?"

"What's your vision on new technologies and the digital world?"

Technology is, and was always a big driver for industries. Digitalisation will bring in good things to companies and people and will change the way we work and think. On everything that exists you can see it in a positive or negative way. It depends on which side you stand. I am a total enthusiast for new technologies and I see it as my personal mission to be the leading person of new digital technologies in the yacht charter market.


I enjoy pizza so much I even make my own dough. If there is a decision between no pizza or pineapple pizza, the pizza will always win. Better would be a spicy diavolo or a fresh tonno pizza. Or maybe one with mozzarella di bufala and basil. 

"How do you like your pizza?"

Delicious pizza
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