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Eloi, Marketing Intern

Eloi Henry

Julian, 10/02/2020

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Category: WavySys Spotlight

Eloi Henry, Marketing Intern

Eloi Henry is a recent incoming Intern. Studing Business Admnistration, he decided to join the startup company for his end-of-studies internship. Onboarded at the very beginning of January, he is in the marketing department. As a marketing intern, with the help of his fellow workers, he takes care of all marketing related activities.

Let’s find out more about him in our third interview of the WavySys team. Have a great reading!

"Let's get back to basics, what can you tell us about you?"

Bretagne, picture of the ocean with its rocks

I’m French and come from Brittany (Bretagne). You might know this region because it is where the famous “french crêpes” originally come from. 

I left Brittany to head to the North of France in Lille, to start a Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA). I think it was a good choice because it opens many doors and let you try different things and see what you like better. 

When not studying or working, I usually go out with friends and try out different activities. Or when I’m not, I make some music. I’ve been playing the guitar for some time and really appreciate when having someone singing along! 

I love travelling and meet people, getting to see everything that the world can offer you. People bring you extraordinary experiences along with many other things, and at some point you just realize that the person you are today, is also thanks to the people you met. I mostly get my energy from interacting with people in different environments like at work but also in more casual places. It’s a really special thrill when you meet someone for the first time. 

My values are honesty, respect and kindness because it’s the only way, to my opinion, that things can actually work. 

I remember when someone told me that when the sky is blue, it means that the sky is blue. I think he meant to enhance the importance of contemplation in life, that sometimes you just  take things as they are. 

"What are your driving values? What makes you drive?"​

New Zealand landscape - at Wellington

"What or who do you find inspiring?"

I recently saw two French films, “Hors Normes” (The specials) and “Au nom de la Terre” (in the name of the Land). The first one focuses on the life in a center for people with autism, and the second one on the difficulties of a farmer and its family. I think, these kind of films are here to remind us about how life and our societies are diverse and that we actually know so little. 

Before coming here, I didn’t have a concrete idea of how the startup world was like. Well, to be honest I just had the basic knowledge from what we learn during the BBA at school. I also had some hints from newspaper articles I would read about successful startupers. But, I was curious to get to know such a world. Because I tell myself that, any large corporations, at some point, started small. So I wanted to see for myself such an environment where ideas emerge

I think startups, drive innovation, and if supported by strategic actors such as the state or bigger businesses, it can really be beneficial for the society. Because I think that great ideas are most likely to come from the startup environment. 

I started here recently, but as for now, I like the way we empower each team-members so they can work they way out and learn in a concrete way .

"What can you tell us about the startup world?
And how is the onboarding here at Wavy?"

"What's your vision on new technologies and the digital world?"


I find amazing all the latest development of new technologies such AI or VR, vocal assistant etc… But I think technology can be very dangerous if developed or used in the wrong hands. If technologies can make life easier, we still lack of studies on the impact on its users. And same goes with digital. We live in an interconnected where digital weighs. If we know how to use it, I think it can be great to help moving societies further.  

The main danger to me, relies in the fact that we are too likely to get away from the basics and from what is really important. Facebook for example, gave the possibility to connect with friends and family wherever they are. But somehow, didn’t it also plummet our relationships with others, making them sometimes “fake”

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