Facebook Ads for Charter Companys - Account Setup


How to start

First of all it is absolutely necessary that you have a private Facebook account. There you have to log in and have access to Facebook. Without an own account it is unfortunately not possible to place advertisements on Facebook or Instagram.

In addition, you should definitely create your own Facebook page for your business on Facebook. Name it so your customers know it belongs to your company. When choosing the profile picture and the cover picture, you should also make sure that everything fits and makes a good impression. Great, now you have a private Facebook account and a page for your company. This is the base we need to start advertising.


Step 1

Now create a Facebook Business Account to access the Advertisements Manager and all the features of Facebook as an advertising platform. Just go to https://business.facebook.com/ or click here to go to their website.
You should make sure that you are logged in to Facebook with your private account before going to the page. So Facebook knows directly who you are and account creation is much faster.

Facebook Business Manager Login Page




Step 2

So far so good. Now the Business Manager opens and you can create your company. Fill in all the information you need and then click on Business Settings. You should then be redirected to a page where you have the possibility to set up various things around your account. For example, you can give other people access to your Facebook Business account and work with them there. 

Now you have to add your company’s Facebook page to the company account. To do so, click on the top right corner of the page. The page should now look like this picture below.

Facebook Business Manager add a page

Just click on the little blue button “+Add” and choose “Request access to an existing website”. Now enter the name of your Facebook page and select it. Now it should be displayed in your Business manager like in the photo above. Now you have successfully added your site to your business account.


Step 3

Next you have to create an Ad Account for your company. In this Ad Account all ads will be collected which you will place in the future. If you have more than one ad account, you must always pay attention to which one you choose to create an ad. We recommend that you create only one ad account to start with.

To create an Ad Account, click on the “Ad Accounts” tab under the “Pages” tab you just clicked. Then an overview opens again, with all your Ad Accounts. This should look like this:

Facebook Business Manager Create Ad Account

Now you just have to click on the small blue button that says “+ Add” and choose the last of the three options (Create a new Ad Account). Name it so that it is understandable for you and then click Create. 


Step 4

So now you are done with the basic setup of your Business Manager. To create and manage your advertisements you use the so called Ads Manager. You can find them by clicking on the Facebook icon in the upper right corner and then on the word “Ads Manager” in the left corner.

Get a little familiar with the columns and have a look at the different filter functions. We’ll work with them a lot later.

Here is a picture of what the Ads Manager looks like. The only difference might be that you don’t have any campaigns yet.

Facebook Business Manager Ads Manager


In the next Facebook Ads article, we’ll show you how to create your first Facebook ad.

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