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How does WavySys CRM work

If you missed the first article about how to buy the WavySys CRM, click here. In this blogpost, we will show you how does WavySys CRM work. 

Your CRM is directly integrated to your WavySys personal account. 

Once you logged onto your personal WavySys account, the CRM can be found at two different places on your screen. Either on the top of the screen or on the left side.

The CRM is composed of three dongles: “Acquisition”, “Bookings”, “All clients”. 

1. "Acquisition" tab

The acquisition tab, allows you to oversee and manage your customer stages. From the first contact, to confirmed bookings, it’s all there. 


2. "The Bookings" tab

Here you see all your clients, that have booked a boat and in which stage they are. The cards are moved automatically, depending on todays date. Get an overview over your current and future guests.


3. "All clients" tab

The “All clients” tab gives you a total overview over all your customers. See which customers have been interested in your boats and contact all customers again. Build you database with customers here.

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