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How to book a boat as a renter?

This article is about how to book a boat as a renter. If you are a charter or an agency, please click here to get to the first step of our CRM guide

If you are a person looking to rent a boat, then this article is for you. If you are here, you were probably in contact with a Charter company from our WavySys Booking System. 

1. Register on WavySys

If your Charter company told you that he will send you boat suggestion, once he does, you will receive an email with a link to register on WavySys. Click on it, and fill in a password. 


Once you have created you WavySys account, you can access the suggested boat. On that page, you’ll find all the information, such as the dates, pictures and price. 

Scroll down to see the messages.

2. Decide for yourself!

You now see the message of the Charter Company suggesting you a boat. You can either book or keep negotiating by sending him a message. 

Let’s say here that you decide to reply to him before making a decision. 


Let’s consider now, that you’ve made up your mind and decide to book it. 

When you feel ready to book, just hit the “book” button.


3. Booking step

You can type in a message to the Yacht Charter company before sending the booking request. 

You can also check that the settings such as the dates and guests are right. 


Congrats! You sent your booking request. You now see a quick recap of it.


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