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How to get your CRM

Your personal CRM, just a few clicks away!

Still hesitating or don’t know how to buy your CRM? Follow the 5 steps to get you set up!


1. Login onto your WavySys account

To get started, your first to access your WavySys account by clicking “login” or by clicking “Sign Up” if you are new to the WavySys Family! 

Step 1

If you need to create an account, fill in the information

2. Activate the CRM

On the left side of your screen, you will see “CRM“.

Once you clicked on “CRM”, another window opens. Make sure to click on “I have read and accept the T&C for the CRM”, then click on “Continue”. 

3. Provide your Tax-ID

To get invoiced exclusive of the German VAT of 19%, fill in your Tax-ID. If for some reasons you can’t or don’t need it, you can skip this step.


4. Choose your package

You have the choice to pay monthly or annually.  We offer a discounted price if you take the annual subscription. 

5. Add you payment option and let's go!

Click at “Add” to choose between Credit card or a SEPA payment. 


Thanks for your order, you are now ready to go! 

You can find your invoice in the “Billing history“. Don’t forget, your 30 day free trial starts now. 


Still hesitating? 

Read our latest blog articles on the topic here and get your personal appointment with one of our sales manager

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