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How to create a booking?

In this article you will find out how to create a booking. If you are looking for the last blogpost about “how to suggest a boat”, click here

Let’s say that you met a client at the marina and you showed him your boats. After the meeting he tells you that he would like to book this boat for this period with 2 people. You tell him that you are going to handle everything, starting by booking the boat directly for him. 

There’s no need to suggest a boat, as you already know what he wants. Though, you still need to add your new client in your CRM. 

1. Go to my boat

First, you need to go to your “Boats” tab. You can access this section either from the left of your screen or from the top. 


2. Select your boat

Look the boat you client told he wanted to rent. And then click on “to the boat”


3. Enter the details of the booking

Look the boat you client told you he wanted to rent. And then click on “To the boat”

At this stage, you need to enter the dates, the guests. Don’t forget to select the renter in your listing (previously added in your CRM). 

Then click on “Book for…” to send him a message along the booking. 


On the new opening window, scroll down to type your message. Then press the button “Book for”.

Once you have clicked, if you haven’t sent your Terms & Conditions, you will be able to do it now. If you have sent them already, just hit the button “book”. 


Congrats! You now have booked the boat for your client. You will see a recap of it. 

Note: If you click on “provide T&Cs“, once you have provided them, it will automatically finalize the booking for you, no need to press another “Book for” button. 

Learn more about the T&Cs here

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