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How to create a customer in my CRM?

Our CRM guide takes you now on the fundamental step of acquiring new clients. We will see here how to create a customer in your CRM. If you missed the previous step on the CRM’s general overview, click here

1. New customer

In WavySys CRM, everytime you make a new contact that could potential turn into a client, it is a lead acquisition/generation. Therefore, first thing first, you need to be in the “Acquisition” tab. Then click on “New Customer”


2. Fill in the contact information

You need now to put the person’s contact details you recently got in touch with, so it is saved in your CRM. If you have your contact’s adress, you can fill in that too. 


3. Congrats!

Done! Your new contact is created. It will systematically appear in the “lead” section, as it is the first step to him, booking a boat. It will then move through the flow as it goes through the different stages from contact to client. 

The number displayed (7), means you have 7 contacts in the lead stage

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