How to create your WavySys Profile

In this blog article you will learn step by step how to create your WavySys profile. Watch the video or follow the written instructions below.


Complete your profile in pictures:

Here you are in your WavySys account under “Cockpit”. As you can see, here you have a small overview of your data like the reponse time and reponse rate.
  1. Click on “Profile” to get to your profile.
  1. Now you can complete your data like “Date of Birth” and “Contact Language”.
  2. Click on “Save” to save your changes.
  1. Then it continues with the entry of your address. Please complete every line marked with a red asterisk, these fields are mandatory.
  2. Remember to save after each step.
  3. In the next step you choose which identity document you want to use for verification. After you have chosen your ID or Passport, you can click in the Upload field and upload your document. Wait until your passport appears in the window.
  1. Now you come to the next step: Here you can upload your company logo to make your appearance at WavySys serious and trustworthy to generate more bookings.
  2. Then please enter the Company information. Start with the “About us” field and tell a bit about your business. This information will be accessible to your customers. We therefore recommend that you make it as detailed as possible.
  3. Then enter your phone number and click “Add”.
  4. Repeat this in the next step with your language. You can add several languages and select in the box next to it if the language is your native language. Afterwards, klick on “Save” to save your data.
  1. In the last step you can link your Facebook profile
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