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How to message a customer?

You have now successfully added your new clients, and now would like to direct message them. In this post, you will know how to message a customer. If you missed the step on how to create a customer, click here

1. Select your client

To message a client, you first need to have suggested him a boat (see “How to suggest a boat“). As a reminder, after having suggested a boat to a client, his contact card moves from the “Lead” collumn to the “Messaging” one. From there, you need to click as shown under: 


2. Write your message

To write him a message, click on “New message” and type in your message. Once you are done, click on “Send message”


3. Done!

Congrats! Your CRM keeps all messages exchanges on your client’s card. In addition, he will receive a copy of your message on his email inbox. 

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