How to optimize your charter profile for more bookings

In this article you will learn to optimize your WavySys charter profile to get more bookings! 

Our task is to keep our booking software technically up to date and to guarantee you the best technical processes. In addition, we are constantly working on integrating new innovations into our system with the aim of reaching as many potential end customers as possible. One of our innovations, for example, is access for travel agencies. They get exclusive access to the WavySys database or in other words: your boats. In order to assert yourself well against your competitors, you are also in demand! Maybe you are asking yourself the question:

How can I increase the number of bookings?

We have collected some tips for you that will help you and us to get your boats to customers as quickly as possible:

1. Keep your boat profile in perfect condition

  • Upload beautiful photos and provide an informative description.
  • The photos should have a good web resolution and NOT be pixelated.
  • This also increases the chance that we will use your photos for social media campaigns and you will get additional advertising for your company.
  • Your calendar and pricing should be up to date and customer enquiries should be answered quickly.

All this will help you to get more inquiries and bookings through the homepage. WavySys also has an editorial- and marketing team that can assist you.

2. Use the language options of WavySys

Take advantage of the unique opportunity to translate your profile automatically into up to eight languages. You can also learn how to do this in our explanation video “How to register your boat on Wavy“.

You can add your desired languages with the help of our auto-translation to reach more customers. For example, simply click on German or French and then on the “get translation” button and you’re done.

Customers feel more confident in their own language and often do the internet  search in their own language. Translating your profile into as many languages as possible also has a positive effect on Google searches and increases your range with which you reach potential customers.

3. Company Information

Describe your “Company Information” in as much detail as possible.
Start with the field “About us” and tell us a little about your company. This information is accessible to your customers. Therefore, you should make this information as detailed as possible.

Remember that your description is like an advertising text and it depends on the description whether a customer decides for your boat.

In our video “How to complete your WavySys profile” we explain step by step how to fill out your profile.

4. Link your Facebook Profile

You can also use the opportunity to link your social media channels in your WavySys profile to draw attention to your company. The more you maintain your social media channels, the more likely it is that your content will appeal to customers and that you will benefit from the positive impression you make.

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