The new travel agency login

It’s finally here! The Travel Agency Login from WavySys. We have already announced it in several posts and finally launched it this week! On this occasion we want to take a look at the capabilities and usefulness of the Agency Login and explain how travel agencies and charter companies benefit from it:

Travel agency login

The Travel Ageny Login is an innovation by WavySys and provides travel agencies with access to the WavySys database with around 2,300 boats and 400 cooperating charter companies. And this despite the fact that Wavy GmbH has only existed since July 2018. So not even one year! On the other hand the Agency Login helps charter companies to make their boats accessible to travel agencies. So they can expand their network with the new registration process at WavySys. With the Agency Login, travel agencies have the possibility to exclusively arrange boats for their end customers and customers can finally spend their dream holiday on the sea

You see, it's a win-win situation!

In the following we have some tips for you how to use the Agency Login correctly. In order to be able to use it as a travel agency as well as a charter, there are a few things to keep in mind. 

In the first place for both sides is said: WavySys is at the moment still free of charge. We recommend all companies to take the opportunity and register for free in our system. With the next update there will be a price list and WavySys prices will be introduced! 

Here is a short overview of other important points : 

To the agencies:

Dear travel agencies,

  • you have different filters in your search. If the charter companies have entered everything correctly, you can also sort by company name, for example.
  • make use of the different languages offered by WavySys, for example if you are looking for boats in France, have a look at the French page of WavySys.
  • Of course, as a travel agency you also see the possibility to manage end customer data

points : 

To the charter companies:

Please dear charters,

  • take care of your profile carefully. Read these instructions and make sure you enter your company name. This is the only way you can be searched and found in specific searches.
  • use the WavySys Copy-Boat-Button, which duplicates your boat information with a simple click. This means that you have less work to do and only have to upload the photo again if you have two identical boats!
  • use the possibility of automatic translations when you create your profiles. This increases your chances of being found by travel agencies and end customers.

The Travel Agency Login - step by step

Step 1

If you have registered, this is your overview in the WavySys travel agencies backend. As you can see, you have an overview of boats that you can vary with different filters.

1. you can choose the location as well as the dates of the trip. You can also specify the number of guests.

2. on the far right you can change the sorting of the results with the following filters:

  • Lowest price first
  • Highest price first
  • Title: A-Z
  • Title: Z-A
  • Newest boats first

3. You can also select the boat details and desired features on the far left to get precise results and shorten your search. All these filters allow you to organize the perfect trip for your clients:

Step 2

When you click on a boat, you will be taken to the boat profile with more detailed information about the boat. Here you also have the possibility to experiment with the dates of the trip. 

Step 3

If you want to book a boat, you will be taken to this view, where you can communicate directly with the charterCongratulations! Now nothing stands in the way of booking your boat! 


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