How to register your boat on WavySys

In this article we show you how to register your boat on WavySys. You might be wondering what the benefits of WavySys are? So let’s show you the advantages of WavySys first at a glance: 

– Automated booking processes
– Real-time availability of your boats
– Digital and automated payment solutions with MangoPay*
– Automated deposit management
– Yacht positioning with Google Maps
– Automatic translation into eight different languages
– Chat directly with your customer via the WavySys Messenger Tool
– Get found by travel agencies for more bookings


Step #1 Boat Details

In the following you can see the profile for your boat, which you have to fill in completely, in order to provide your customers all important information.

1. First enter your boat details one by one as shown here. Please type in the name of your boat.

2. The red asterisks indicate that this is a mandatory field.

3. Then you can choose between the options of Boat types and simply click on them. Finally, please give details about the boat like the brand, model etc. and choose if you want to hire a skipper, if the renter has to be one or if none is needed.

4. In the “What do you expect from the hirer” column you can enter which characteristics a hirer who wants to rent your boat has to meet (e.g. driving licenses, experience etc.).

5. Click now to save everything on the “Next” button

Step #2 Boat Description

1. In your title, briefly describe which heading you want your boat display to have. This is visible for your customers.

2. After that, all points in the description which make up the boat and describe it realistically should be filled out.

3. Remember that your description is like an advertising text and it depends on the description whether a customer decides for your boat.

4. At the end you can add your desired languages with the help of our auto-translation to reach more customers. For example, simply click on German or French and then on the “get translation” button and you’re done.

5. Click now to save everything on the “Next” button

Step #3 Photos

1. Now, insert pictures that show the boat from the outside as well as from the inside. Also a room overview of the boat is helpful. Select the main picture which should be shown first in the overview and the search. Finally, name your pictures so that everyone knows what is shown on the picture.

2. Click now to save everything on the “Next” button

Step #4 Location

 Now we come to the location of your boat.

1. First please select the suitable berth for your boat from the menu.

2. Afterwards type in the name of the berth, e.g.: “ACI Marina Split”.

3. Then enter the address of your berth. You can also enter the GPS coordinates in decimal format.

4. In the next step, under pickup and return, enter your standard check-in / check-out times. Of course, you can coordinate these individually with your customer on site.

5. At the end you enter all necessary information under pickup information, which the tenant needs to receive the boat, e.g. where the keys will be handed over.

6. Click now to save everything on the “Next” button

Step #5 Price


1. Under the category Price you enter the standard amount for one rental day.

2. Under the category additional fees you enter additional fees like the deposit and the cleaning fee.

3. The deposit will be collected on the day of check-in and returned 48 hours after check-out.

4. The cleaning fee is added once for each booking.

5. Under the category Seasonal Prices you can adjust the daily prices to your needs as for example in seasons! To do so simply click on “Add season”, give the season a name and select the start date and end date as well as a price. It is also possible to add periods when the boat is not available. For this just click on “Not Available”. Of course you can add as many as you like different seasons.

6. If you do not create a season or there is no season for certain periods of time, the boat will automatically be available at your standard price set above.

7. In the calendar below you can get a quick overview of your availability configuration.

8. Click now to save everything on the “Next” button

Step #6 Publishing

In the last step before the publication we ask for your owner documents. Please pay attention to which kind of files you should upload!

1. Please confirm to us that you have the right to rent this boat by clicking on all checkboxes, because you can only publish your boat if they are checked.

2. In addition we need the boat’s title deed, the owner’s power of attorney if the lessor is not the owner and a scan of the boat’s insurance. Click to upload on the fields or drag & drop them into the fields.

3. Now click on “publish” – congratulations – your boat is now online and the registration is finished. Of course you can change your information at any time.

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