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How to request a Crew List?

In this article, you will learn about “How to request a Crew List”. If you are managing a booking for a client, you will need his Crew List. You can directly ask him in your WavySys CRM. If you are looking for our last article about “How to add my T&Cs”, click here

1. Go to your "acquisition" tab.

To start, you will need to go in your Acquisition tab, accessible from the left side of your screen. When clicking on it, you will access your customer stages. 


Now, you can only request Crew Lists for your Confirmed Bookings. Click on the concerned booking and select 


2. Request

Click then on “Crew management”

You can now ask for the list by clicking on “Request Crew details” and “Confirm”. It is also the place where you can dowload the crew list if already submited. 


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