How to stay motivated as a sales person?

This might be the most asked question that every salesperson or sales beginner has, but will never publicly addressed. Sales can be demotivating so you as a salesperson should be prepared for the rainy days where you are asking yourself “Why am I doing this?” The reasons are found in key areas of your work and preparation.

We have asked two people at Wavy to get their opinion on the topic. We got two different results. We ask Amaury, our current Sales Intern and Mark our CEO. They both share different interests in sales and have different views on the topic. Let’s find out what are their top 6 tips for staying motivated in sales:


Mark Dürr 

CEO at Wavy

  • Know your target customer

If you don’t know who you are addressing in your sales pitch, how can you sell the right product then? Know your target customer and audience. Who should use your product, paint yourself a realistic picture of the ideal customer to your product and then go out and test your hypothesis. Also before you call or write a message, make sure to find out information about your customer. For example, where does your customer live, what type of business do they have and what are they offering. Check their website, Facebook profile etc. to get a profound feeling for your customer. Also make sure to write that down, that you don’t need to remember.

  • Appeal to your customer need

Yes your customer has needs and he doesn’t need another sales guy on the phone. There are many sellers calling your customer, so why should the customer listen to you? Also be fast in understanding what your customer really needs. Is it more information, a different time for a call, a demonstration? Find out and give your potential customer what he needs.

  • Be trustworthy

Every person wants to sell more than they can offer. Stay to what you are selling, don’t try to lie or cheat on your customer and be a trustworthy salesman. Here lays the difference between a long term relationship or a sale that never happened. Would you lie to your partner? If the answer is no, why should you lie to your customers? If you can’t lie to your customer, you will be a good seller.

  • Offer a demonstration

Always make sure before you call or write a customer ask yourself: what is the output of this call? If you have not defined that, do it now. The best thing for you is to make a demonstration, because then the customer shows you: “I am interested, I give my precious time to you.” It is not a clear sign for a sale, but  a demonstration made your chances to grow a lot to make the sale.

  • Listen to your customer

Imagine you are in a call with your customer and you are talking all the time how amazing your product is … put yourself into the role of your potential customer: do you really enjoy this monolog? We know you are an amazing salesperson, but in sales it is about the customer. Listen to what your customer says. This is the most critical point for every company. Listen to your customer. What does your customer want? If you can answer this question after a call then you are good.

  • Ask questions

Let us imagine your customer does not tell you what he or she wants. What do you do then? You ask questions! Make a list before the call about what you want to ask it. People and especially your customers want to help and they want solutions for their problems. Give them the chance to find out.


  • Sell

We know that sales is one of the most difficult tasks that you have to do in your professional experience, especially when people don’t wait for your call or didn’t think about your product before you called them. In order to stay motivated, it’s necessary to achieve to sell after some try because if you fail every time, the motivation will disappear and it’s a human behavior. A part of the population will give up faster than other but at the end everyone give up if they don’t achieve to have good results.

The first motivation that you have in sales come from your first sales because it makes you so proud of yourself and you want to feel it again.  


  • Get in contact and good relationship with customer

All the sales employee choose the sales department because they like to have a good relationship with people and most of the time they are very social. The goal for a salesman is to get in contact with customers, explained how can we help them and then build a trust relationship with them to make business. As a salesman If you take care of your customers they will enjoy to make business with you and they will come back and listen to you when you will offer them new products.

If you can meet them or share a lunch with your customer, it will be very helpful for your relationship. 

  • Challenge yourself 

You have to find a new goal at the end of each goal that you achieve. It is that you want to improve your sales every month. You want to make better than the last time, so for this you have to learn from your different sales and try to identify what you did wrong to improve these points. 

  • Reward / Celebrate 

When you achieve to sell a product to your customer, even if it’s you role in the team, it is a success. I think that a good sellers has to trust himself and without any recognition of the top management is hard to achieve their goal. It’s one the motivation to get recognition, but also rewards. We think that the commission is a  good rewards for sales, because first the seller is motivated to sell because, he knows that he will have a commission on every sale, so if he sells a lot he will earn lots of money. It’s a win/win deal between the company and the seller. 

  • Bring Value to your customer

One of the most important things as a seller, it’s to feel that you are useful for the customer that contact. When you are calling someone and he needs your product, it’s very satisfying because you know that you add value to his business. Basically, it’s the mission of the company to add value to other companies in a B2B but sometimes you are calling people who don’t need your product and you feel useless. If you add value to your customers, he will want to buy more products or he will be interested about your project or you prototype. He could be the perfect beta tester in this case. 

  • Have interested into what you are selling

In order to be the best seller of your sector you have to know you business sector perfectly, and of course if you like the product that you are selling you learn more and faster about it. 

You have to learn at home about the sector, reading books, watching Tv show about it. When you are calling someone and you are convincing him that your product is good, the customer can feel if you believe in your product, if you are passionate about the topic. It will increase your sales if you know better your sector and your product.

Written by Amauy Julienne & Mark Dürr  

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