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How to suggest a boat to a customer?

You have found some boats that would be the perfect match to your client’s needs? Learn how to suggest a boat to a customer. If you are looking for “how to message a client”, click here

1. Select your client

In your Acquisition tab, select the client you want to suggest a boat. Remember, we just added Jack Jones at the previous “How to“. 

Let’s suggest him a boat. To start, click on “Suggest boats”

2. Find his boat

Once you clicked, you land on your WavySys search tool. You can use filters and a map to help you in your recommendation process. Once you have found one of your boats that you think would fit Jack Jones, click on “suggest”. 


3. Confirm

Now, you just need to click on “Confirm” to finalize it.


You should get a confirmation message:

You will notice that your customers moved from the “Leads” collumn to the “Messaging” one:


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