SEM – Search Engine Marketing perfect for a yacht charter company

SEM means Search Engine Marketing. It is referred to as one of the most important marketing channels in today’s world. SEM is a compliment to other optimization processes, like SEO or content optimization.
Once SEM the main term for every kind of optimization you did on your website. This has changed. Talking about Search Engine Marketing today means primarily focusing on advertising within all the different search engines there are.

Why even using SEM?

The first question that comes to everyone’s mind when hearing from SEM for the first time is: Why do I need it? The answer is exactly as simple: It will boost your business in many different ways! The list with arguments for SEM is very long. Statistically seen using SEM as a marketing tool will help you to get the attention of your potential customers and your target group.
It also increases the brand awareness on your market as your ads will most likely appear on all keywords that are typically searched in your branch. Even if people don’t click on your add the most likely read it and will remember the name of your company.
Also, SEM helps you to locate your target group geographically and exactly aim at them. On top of that SEM helps you get more qualified leads and a higher rate of traffic as you boost your website to a very high position in the search results of Google or any other search engine. In the end, SEM is a much quicker way to get first in the Google search results.

SEM means costs or not?

Nevertheless, using SEM means, that you need to be ready to spend money on your ads to get them to the top. Don’t take this as a knockout argument. It is not! No matter what sort of marketing campaign you are willing to do, as soon as you want to address your target group sooner or later you will need to invest money. The more important question is what will your Return of Invest be? Often you can’t measure it, because there is no way for you to find out how your customer found you. SEM changes that. You can easily track your conversions for different keywords and ads through your campaigns. You should see this as an investment rather than another cost position. It is not done here: You decide how big your investment will be. Doesn’t matter if you have 5 € or 500 € a week, you can create campaigns for your business. On average businesses make 2 € revenue for every 1 € they invest in AdWords.

Does SEM work for my business?

As a charter company, most of your bookings will come via travel agencies of course. But why not get your bookings via your website? Save all of the commission you pay to agencies and invest 5% of that into SEM instead!
Of course, you can start with SEO on your website, but getting ranked high with only organic searches is a process that will take time, months, maybe years.
Here is why you should use SEO anyways
So to get an instant effect for your website SEM is the more interesting way.

What to start with SEM

The most important thing is thorough Keyword research. Plan keywords that are relevant to your business. Not meaning that you should use only one or two words that describe your business but also words that describe your service, use your location and maybe even your USP.
What is a USP? Read more here.
As soon as you have decided which keyword you want to use you need to structure them into different ad campaigns and ad groups. This helps you to control your cost-per-clicks even better and generate a stronger performance of every single of your keyword. This process will take time but the reward, in the end, is a lot higher if you structure your ads from the beginning.

The Auction – How does it work?

Now the hardest part comes The Ad Auction. The ad auction is an automated process, that takes place every time a user enters a search into the Google search field. Google then scans its system for all campaigns that are targeting the keywords, the user entered into the search. Google then needs to decide, which campaign is ranked first and which is ranked last. The decision is not purely based on the budget the different campaigns have, so the highest budget is not automatically the winner in this auction. Although money, of course, is a big factor, the quality of your ads is even bigger.
Google determines the quality of your ad by using different undisclosed criteria to rank it. With those criteria, they determine how important your website and ad is for the user that entered the search query. The higher your quality grade is, the higher you rank with your ad.

The conclusion SEM yes or no?

Honestly, if you are looking to get more customers to your site in the next month, there is no other way than properly using SEM as one of your Marketing channels. SEO might seem a cheaper way of growing your rank, but it is always linked to time. SEO takes time, SEM might not.
Find out how WavySys can help grow your website with SEO here.
In the end, both methods are exactly as important and should be used as complementary rather than substitutes. Keep in mind, there is no better way of tracking the behaviors of your customers than using the tools Google offers you. It is worth the cost!

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