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How does the new WavySys pricing system work?

In this blogpost, we will show you how the WavySys pricing system for charter companies work. 

Your pricing system is directly integrated to your WavySys boat management. 

Once you logged onto your personal WavySys account, the pricing system can be found in the my boats section. Check my boats and then either click on one existing boat with “edit boat” or “add a new boat”.

In the boat adding wizard you will find in the pricing section. 

1. Select your season

With the season module you can select for a boat several season. If it is a month by month season or the whole spring, you decide. You could also set up individual season. You can also set a price for the whole season if you don’t want to add individual pricing per boat.

2. Select individual pricing

You can set an individual pricing for your boat which overrides your seasonal price. Individual pricing is structure in the term of whole boat sale / bare boat, per person charter and time specific charters. From the beginning of WavySys you were able to set flexible day charter prices. Now you can additionally add other pricing systems. These are explained in this blog post.

3. Weekly charter

The most requested feature from charter companies was to add to the daily charter system a weekly charter system. With the pricing system update, you are now able to set weekly prices in a season. Especially great is that you are able to set start week days for your weekly charter for example Saturday.

4. Updated daily charter

WavySys booking system strong introduction to the market with a daily system was the key factor for the early strong position in the market. You get now an even better update were you can in your daily charter system more flexible options. You can set individual pricing for different days in seasons like in our picture example.

5. Hourly charter

We are quite sure you love this one! Finally an hourly charter option for your hourly offers. WavySys gives you now the full power for using hourly pricings. You can set individual pricings for your in day charter from starting times and you can name them after your specific time frame offers like sunrise or sunset cruises.

7. Per person charter

We are dream for a long time for per person charter options. Our first step into the direction of ticket charter, ticketing and per person pricing is our new person pricing system. You can easily select pricing per person and still have the options of daily, weekly, flexible and season pricing. This makes WavySys pricing system the best in option for you and your customers.

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