The Wavysys Booking Button


Now on WavySys there are two different ways of publishing your boat: publishing only to Travel Agencies or publishing extra with the WavySys Booking Button (direct clients).

The Booking Button is a NEW product that can be purchased as an extra module, and it’s a new feature that only brings you more bookings and more. With booking button, you want to make the process of booking between you and the client.

With the WavySys Booking Button

– you receive all booking requests directly with one click

– you receive the ability to spread your offers via webpages, emails and

  social media channels

– you receive a simple integration in web pages, manage all

  your booking requests via WavySys and use our integrated messenger to

 communicate with your clients

– you will not pay any commission, because there is no longer an intermediate

Change your webpage into a profitable booking channel, get booked more

often directly and keep full control over everything just from the


Activation & Purpose

Activating The Booking Button will not take more than 2 minutes. You will need to choose monthly / annual subscription and insert your Credit Card details. Afterward, you will immediately receive The Booking Button link.

The process of booking is going to be operated in WavySys. In the meantime, you can book bookings even from your mobile device – does not matter where you are!

In this video we show you how to activate the new Booking button.

Implementation & use

After you have activated the new feature you should start using it right away.

You can simply copy the link with the “Copy to Clipboard” function and paste it wherever you want to make your boats bookable.
So you can turn your own homepage into a powerful booking channel or use the size of various social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram to your advantage.

In this video we show you step by step how to add the Booking Button link to your website and how it works.

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