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Eloi, 11/02/2020

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Being an Intern at Wavy, what's your story?

Amaury was a French intern here at Wavy GmbH. He worked there as a sales and account manager. We decided to come back on his working experience to gather some insights and feedback. 

If you are wondering how it’s like being part of the WavySys team, then this article is for you! Let’s find out what he has to say about his international experience in Berlin. 

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"What were your feelings before starting your internship? And how was your first day?"

I was excited to work in a small company like WavySys, but I was also stressed because I had worked in a German city. I didn’t know how to behave and how my integration in the team would be. 

On my first day I didn’t have many tasks and I just watched others working, I was lost about the topic and I directly understood that I will have a lot of work during the internship.


"Why did you choose to come to Wavy?"

I decided to come to WavySys because it is a company with a big potential in the IT sector and I aspire to evolve in such an environment. So, I guess it was a good starting point to gather more in-depth hands-on experience. I also thought that it would a very good opportunity to be in a startup because I believe that we learn more than in a very huge company.

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"How was your overall experience? Did you learn anything valuable?"

My whole experience was perfect! I met nice guys that wanted to work very hard to achieve their goals. It was impressive to see all this workload they were doing so they could improve the yacht charter market. Because of its huge potential, there a lot of things to do.

In general, I can say that I have learned a lot. A lot by myself, which makes my knowledge more sustainable in time, because I went for it. Though, I learned a lot, most of the tools and topics were, of course, related about IT, communication and the market itself. 

"How did this internship change the way you see the corporate world?"

The corporate world is very hard. Your studies tries to help you be prepared for entering the professional environment. But once you get there you realize that is complex and difficult, that reality is and always will be from theories in school. So you have to work hard to succeed. But it doesn’t mean hard and pleasant work are not compatible. And this, I didn’t think it was possible before my internship. You really can be a hard-worker on something you appreciate working on.  

"You were a French student in Germany, speaking English. How was it?"

Most of the german people speak English so it was not so complicated . So, if you are hesitating to try a working experience in Germany, especially in Berlin because of the language barrier, you shouldn’t worry. But you need to speak English! Speaking English at work brought me a lot. However, I didn’t achieve learning german because first, to be honnest, I didn’t feel like throwing myself into it. And second, because it looks so difficult from my point of view, that english was already a good win. 

"What are your tips on the spot for a smooth and successful internship experience?"

We usually arrive at the workplace with some or many cultural and professional biases, so before making “stupid” mistakes, you should observe a lot to understand how things work. But it doesn’t mean you need to be afraid to say it out loud if you have an idea or a divergent opinion. We are there to build on each others.  Curiosity is also something you need to nurture because it is the key to great learnings. Never hesitate to ask thousands of questions, you are here to learn, and there’s no shame not knowing something. 

When you are given a task to accomplish, you should never do it blindly without knowing why you are doing it. Sometimes, working in a startup or even larger companies, you get to have friendly relationships with your colleagues. But never be impolite or disrespectful because they still remain your professional relationships before all. 

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