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Julian, CEO's right hand

Julian Fleige

Eloi, 04/02/2020

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Category: WavySys Spotlight

Julian Fleige, Project & Process manager

Julian Fleige, along with Mark has been here since the very beginning of the WavySys Venture. At the age of 23 years old, he has witnessed the very foundations of a startup. In addition, he has been proactive in its development, especially in processes and project management. 

Let’s find out more about him in our second interview of the WavySys team. Have a great reading!

"Let's get back to basics, what can you tell us about you?"

View of Stockholm

I was born in Munich but grew up in beautiful Stockholm, Sweden. I am a german guy, who grew up in Sweden and learned to love nature and everything with sports.

After High School I went skiing in the Alps before I jumped into the cold water and started studying Tourism economy in Berlin, a foreign City for me. Along my last year of studies I joined WavySys Team beside my actual job as an Event Manager in another company. 

Sailing, playing soccer and skiing are my three big passions. Of course travelling and cooking are fun two but I would kill for a day of skiing or sailing somewhere.

Good question.. Having a project that I can influence and that has potential to grow. Making things perfect is what drives me in my job. Doesn’t matter if it is a product or a process. I want to get things as good as they can be. For me, making myself superfluous is the best there is. If things work without my intervention I get fulfillment.I get my energy from my inner drive to achieve this stage. Perfection and learning new things every day is what makes me wake up every morning and go to work.

For me honesty, variety, discipline, happiness, compassion, loyalty and having drive are the most important values. Simple because that’s all I want to be myself. I want everyone around me to be happy with their lives and feel fulfillment. If I can help them I will, but I expect the same from them if I need help.

You become the person you are today, by collecting memories. They have all impacted me at some point. I am quite young so I don’t have so many mind blowing memories but just growing up in another country learning a second language and having the opportunity to travel and study abroad have impacted me a lot.

"What are your driving values? What makes you drive?"​


"What or who do you find inspiring?"​

To be honest there are not many people that have really inspired me, basically just because I haven’t really looked for someone that inspires me. 

My family has inspired me to become the person I am today. From a business point of view I guess everyone wants to be the Steve Jobs of their branch. I can not deny that. 

If I would need to pick someone I would go with either Rickard Déler, Jon Olsson, Henrik Ekdahl or Toto Wolff. These are all people that are building their own legacy on their own terms by doing what they want and are good at.

That inspires me to also be like that.

My relationship with the Start-Up world started with WavySys. I had no contact with that world before that. Of course my work experience is limited so I have not really had the chance to get in touch with this world before that.

Startups are the world of tomorrow. Our society can’t just develop with new ideas. Startups deliver those. Big companies buy those ideas later because they want to see which ideas are working which are not to limit the financial risk. Without startups the world would slow down.

I remember my first day as being very confusing. I understood the idea and the product but still it was quite overwhelming. It took some time for me to get comfortable with the daily business, but I guess that is normal. I wouldn’t consider my onboarding as the best that ever happened. More the opposite. But also the company was founded just some months prior to that so there were still a lot of things and processes to be built. The onboarding process was definitely one of them.

"What can you tell us about the startup world?
And how is the onboarding here at Wavy?"

"What's your vision on new technologies and the digital world?"

We are addicted to improvement. Everyone wants to have the newest iPhone, Laptop or Car. Technology is the drug of our world. We are dependent on it today, because we have come so long with it. But we are not done yet, everywhere where technology has helped us to get where we are today, technology will also help us to get further. That’s why I work for a company that wants to get the yacht charter market to the next level.

"How do you see yourself?"

I am a lazy perfectionist. These two words might contradict themselves but the basically describe my two personalities the best. Either you meet the Julian at work or the Julian away from work. The one on work is a driven workaholic that sometimes really struggles to get away from the computer. The other one is someone that loves to relax on a Saturday and literally do nothing but laying in bed or starting a new puzzle.

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