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Julien, Sales Intern

Julien Hamel

Eloi, 24/02/2020

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Category: WavySys Spotlight

Julien Hamel, Sales Intern

Julien Hamel recently joined us as a Sale Intern. Studying Business Administration in La Défense, Paris, he decided to spend his 6-month internship here at Wavy. Placed in the sales and account management department, he is carrying the important role representing the company to the customers. 

Let’s find out more about him in our new WavySys Team Interview Series. Have a great reading! 

"Let's get back to basics, what can you tell us about you?"


I’m a French guy coming from Paris, more precisely nearby “La Défense”, which is the business district of Paris and one of the most important in Europe.

I am currently in my 3rd year at EMLV business school at La Défense where I am aiming for a Master Degree. I’ve chosen to study in a business school because these are multidisciplinary schooling disciplines which allow me to have a global overview (Marketing, Sales, Finance …) and later, to specialize. I also loved the possibility of doing internships, traineeships, and studying abroad.

This year is my year abroad. Before coming in I was an exchange student at APU (Asia Pacific University) in the city of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. Which was amazing and allowed me to travel in Asia.  

I love to travel (meet new people, discover new cultures and places), practice sports (workout, boxes) and other physical activities like skiing and surfing. I also like to hang out with my friends.

I wake up every day with the goal of being a better man than I was yesterday. It means for me, doing better with others, with me, taking care of people I care about, learning new stuff and advance step by step to reach my goals. A very important point for me too, is to have social interaction every day to share moments with people even if I don’t know them

I value trust, loyalty, responsibility. Being helpful and understanding are importants values to me. These are some of the “foundations” to create strong and positive social bonds in order to create a space where we can have fun!

"What are your driving values? What makes you drive?"​

finding the path

"What can you tell us about the startup world?

How was your onboarding here at Wavy?

I didn’t know much about startup before. I always thought that in a startup we are given more responsibilities, tasks on various topics and have that feeling to be more useful than in bigger companies. I also believe that startups bring for  innovation and novelties on the market.

My first day was a little bit confusing, because there’s a lot of stuff to assimilate. In general I had a good impression of the team members and I was glad to meet them.

It’s definitely in the life of everybody and it’s how our world works now, connected with everyone to all the screen … There are innovations every day and the digital world is still evolving. It’s even scary to see how much can be accomplished with technology. 


This is the field of all possibilities and the future. 

"What's your vision on new technologies and the digital world?"

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