Keep your company organzied with Slack.


Slack – this word was only known to in relation to hiking: when slack packing, you hand over your heavy luggage to people who transport it to your overnight stop. This is how SLACK works, because it provides tools that make working life easier.

You probably also know the following situation: Meetings are called, and because external staff members are also invited, the meeting has to be planned far enough in advance so that everyone is together at once. Another is that communication in your company’s different departments is not ideal because employees read emails at different times and prioritize events differently. This leads to delays in the process and loss of time, which can cost the company a contract.

Cross-departmental communication – the key to the solution

Who doesn’t want a place where everything converges, where communication flows, real-time conversations are stored and organized – available to every employee at any time?

Whether it’s launching a campaign, correcting the code internally, or completing a deal with a client, cross-departmental communication is always key to success, as well as avoiding obstacles where processes would otherwise falter.

We all think differently and have different perspectives, which is helpful in solving problems – however its often almost impossible to tap into the knowledge of all employees at the same time.

So we come back to the place where everything comes together: this place does not have to be real, it can be virtual, namely a workspace on an online platform – and that’s SLACK.



Balance between work and private life


Unlike a few years ago, the balance between work and private life is enormously important to us. The easiest way to achieve this is to make our workplace variable. Sometimes we work from the café, sometimes from home. You no longer have to move to the location of the company to work. The communication still has to work fluently, that’s the alpha and omega, and that’s what SLACK is all about.

SLACK was founded in 2014 and today has 8 million users per day. Companies such as The Times, Everlane, Shopify, Airbnb, Pinterest, Hellofresh and other well-known names use SLACK. The theme of connectedness despite various locations is recurrent. We humans are not individual workers and generally feel better in the group. This kind of virtual collaboration gives us the opportunity to choose our work environment individually and still be part of a team.

Imagine there is a technical problem in the production process of a company that needs to be solved. Meetings (usually several) need to be convened, different departments involved – this is time consuming and sometimes not as effective as you would like it to be.


A virtual workspace


On SLACK, the company can create a workspace in which the employees called to solve the problem meet virtually. No physical space is needed, and time management only affects a specific group of employees with none of the extra hassle that is needed to plan a real meeting. It is also possible to invite external employees to the workspace.

Another advantage of having a virtual workspace: no matter where on the planet your employees are, they can attend meetings and be involved in processes. A workspace can be a think tank, a meeting or any one of the many other possibilities.


The integration of programmable software


The integration of programmable software is another plus of SLACK. For example, if you want to know when your company’s name or phrase appears on the Internet, you can set up a slack bot to send a message about that event to a channel within the company’s SLACK account. Did someone mention your company on Facebook? The bot informs you, and therefore the social media department can respond immediately.

In addition, CRMs can be integrated. Every employee has access to customer data and the respective information from CRMs can be incorporated directly into the service. Customer satisfaction increases as their requests are processed faster.

In the HR department, new employees are introduced faster into all processes and current tasks, and the management also has the opportunity to motivate several people from different departments at the same time.



Avoid misunderstandings in communication


Isolated decisions are a thing of the past with SLACK, because now teams from different areas of work can join together in a workspace and share information in real time, meaning misunderstandings become less common.

A variety of apps from the fields of bots, marketing, productivity, analytics and many more can be connected to SLACK. Documents can be shared, accounting can be integrated, or meetings can be organized at the virtual coffee machine. Google Drive, Dropbox, Trello, Twitter, Asana, Zoom and many others are not superfluous, but part of the virtual office. And of course, SLACK itself has an app that keeps you up to date, no matter where you are.

Instead of getting bogged down and providing and retrieving information on different platforms, SLACK really gets it all together. This is time-saving and team building. Communication is simplified.

Something that is always missing with apps like WhatsApp, is a search function. If a word has already been used in a conversation on SLACK, you can find it using the search function, and then read the thread to see if it has a solution or other thought.


Use Slack for free


SLACK offers a free version for small businesses. As the requirements become more specific and more extensive, it starts at $ 6.67 per month per employee.

Of course, when so much data is shared with a provider, the question of security arises. SLACK has the current, relevant ISO certificates in the field of safety. The requirements of the EU data protection regulation are fulfilled.


In short, SLACK offers virtual space to form and develop real-life solutions and integrate all of our beloved apps and tools – what more could you ask for?

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