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In this article, we’ll show you how you can grow your business with the help of a good network. You’ll also see how we can help you in networking as well as possible. Networking with WavySys gives benefits you don’t want to miss out!

Networking vs. competing 

You should leave behind the idea of competition. Because those who think of competition have not yet understood the core of networking.

Such contacts have similar backgroundssimilar goals and thus similar problems – but above all, of course, experience and solutions. Benefit from each other by exchanging information regularly! After all, you don’t have to make the same mistake that others have already made – and everyone can only win.

However, this group should not be too large, otherwise experience shows that the exchange suffers and it becomes more and more difficult and time-consuming to organize it regularly. Therefore it makes sense to make groups only accessible for qualified persons from the respective business area

Strengthen each other

What you do here is basically nothing more than to strengthen each other and enrich each other with knowledge. Together it is often easier to work on solutions to existing problems and we have found that charters often have the same problems.

People who are already where you want to be are even more important. For two reasons:

  1. They act like mentors and you can learn a lot from them.
  2. You could one day become their successor.

In short, these people have a lot of experience and insider knowledge that you urgently need along the way. Maintain these contacts systematically and regularly. And above all, ask these people to learn from them. 

Reasons for networking

#1: Noboy knows everything.

Founders who can fall back on a good network do not have to be afraid of open questions. It’s perfectly okay not to know everything (after all, that’s impossible). Contacts from the most different areas can advise you in almost every matter and save you the tedious Google research. Don’t be afraid to make use of these great possibilities.

#2: Contacts bring customers

Anyone who sits in a quiet closet and is not noticed there should not be surprised if customers fail to show up. Use your network to present yourself as an expert and be recommended to others. Hardly any other acquisition channel is more valuable for start-ups than good old word of mouth.

#3: Self-confidence grows

Addressing strangers and creating a fruitful conversation is certainly the king of networking. It’s absolutely normal when you have a hard time with it and need a little practice. But be sure that your self-confidence will grow from time to time – and that in turn will benefit you in other areas as well.

#4: Together instead of lonely

Especially freelancers and sole proprietors realize shortly after starting their own business that it can be quite lonely. If you value social contacts, it is a good idea to build up a network and work together with it from time to time.

#5: Interesting projects emerge

A network is also an excellent opportunity to create new projects. Use the exchange with other self-employed people to talk about possible cooperations. If everyone involved is open to new ideas and creative, this can lead to exciting projects that will get you ahead and bring money into your coffers.

#6: Continuing education

Here an interesting info to the founder subsidy, there a valuable tip within the range Social Media – networks are an outstanding training further measure for you. It is important that you not only take knowledge, but also give it. 

#7: It's fun!

Who says that in the professional field it is always only allowed to happen first? If you actively network, you will soon find that contact with different people can also be a lot of fun. 

#8: Distraction does good

Your head is buzzing, you still have so many open points on the to do list and the last confrontation with the customer still feels heavy in your stomach? Then let the work rest for a moment and go to the network evening. It’s legitimate to use it to distract yourself and get other thoughts.

#9: Out of the Dead End

Another classic is this one: You are working intensively on a project and are already on a very good path. Unfortunately, at some point this turns out to be a dead end. You don’t come back and forth and don’t know what to do. In such a situation the professional and private network is worth its weight in gold. Search the discussion to different persons and address your problem purposefully. Sometimes it simply requires the perspective of an outsider to solve the problem. The participants of a mastermind group also know this.

#10: Help with personal development

Standing still is the enemy of every business founder. If you don’t keep on moving and develop yourself personally and professionally, you’ll fall by the wayside at some point and be overtaken by your competitors. Here, too, a versatile and high-quality network turns out to be the main prize. By using this network to exchange ideas, offer and receive help, you will develop continuously (often unnoticed). Every fresh impulse that reaches you through your network can positively influence your work and give rise to new ideas. Take advantage of these opportunities and make conscious use of them.

How WavySys helps you expand your network

1. Register with WavySys to make your boats accessible to other people. Not only end customers will see your offers but also travel agencies. You can expand your network with the registration process at WavySys.

2. Join our charter groups on Facebook. We make sure that only qualified people from the industry and the yacht charter market participate in the group. This enables you to exchange knowledge and to be up to date with the latest knowledge from the market.

3. Follow our social media channels and network with our followers. Comment on posts to be seen by others and draw attention to your business,

4. Subscribe to our newsletter to be regularly informed about news, without having to become active yourself. 

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