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SEO is a running process. It takes time to achieve a good organic ranking. Just optimizing your website one time is not enough. Search engines change their algorithms and with it the importance of different SEO criteria. We help you to get on top of those changes and help your website continue growing.

  • Monthly check up on already optimized Content Pages
  • Optimization to changes made in the algorithms
  • Implementation of Google Analytics for tracking of numbers
  • 2 Scripts for Blog posts per month: We help you to write 2 SEO optimized Blog Posts per week

Additional information

Content Page

A Content Page is one Single Page on your Website. This can, for example, be a Blog Post, your Landing Page or the About us Page.


The Keyword is a certain word or word combination your content page should contain extra often. To find out what Keywords is the right one to use depends on your business but mostly on your customers. You want to use keywords, that your customers are most likely to use in their search queries when they are looking for businesses like yours.

Keyword analysis

We prepare a keyword analysis where we analyze the keywords your competitors use. We give you suggestions on what keywords we can use and then let you decide.

Strategic Meeting

After the purchase, we will schedule a meeting in which we present to you our results of the analysis we have done for your website. We also help you decide which Content pages and which Keywords we should use for the Optimization.

On-Page Optimization

On-Page Optimization describes all optimizing we are doing on the Content Page itself. This can, for example, be changing Headings, adding Keywords into texts, adding internal and external Links or adding ALT-Attributes to Images.

Off-Page Optimzation

Off-Page Optimization describes everything that we change on the Content Page but that re not visible directly. This can be the Meta Description, the Slug, the Permalink or the Feature Image.


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