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Eloi, 18/02/2020

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Category: WavySys Spotlight

#Spotlight: Running on Waves

Today we are releasing our interview with Konstantin Smirnov from Running on Waves. 

Part of our WavySys #Spotlight Series, Konstanting Smirnov is part of the Running on Waves team management and sales department. They own and manage a luxury sailing mega yacht “Running on Waves“, ocean class, premium luxury. Operating in Greece, all Mediterranean, and can sail worldwide. 

What can you tell us about the mega yacht you manage?

Running On Waves Boat

Our main specialization is hi-end Charters for small, top-level Event groups of 20-40 guests.  This is where we have no competitors and make a perfect match. Such events can be of various nature:

  • Private events for UHNW clients (birthday, wedding, vacation, bachelor party, etc)
  • Coporate events (seminars, conferences, presentation, lectures, incentives)
  • Educationel travels (Lectures from leading US universities)


The maximum capacity of the Vessel is 42 guests in 18 ensuite cabins.

Unique Running on Waves experience in a nutshell: a true sailing adventure in luxury environment, haute cuisine, 5-stars accommodation, premium  feel-at-home service, multi-media salon for meetings, water sports, maritime animation / teambuilding activities (such as mast climbing, knots tying, ship steering), navigation classes,  Chef’s culinary lessons, massage and yoga, photo-safari, exciting tailor-made itineraries, island hopping, beaches and excursions, lounge entertainment (movies, karaoke, disco…), any extra arrangements like invited music bands, etc. Everything is 100% customized!

Chefs are coming from the most luxurious hotels and gorgeous yachts are onboard to offer the best culinary experience possible to our Guests. The Haute Cuisine is based around Meditteranean cuisine and of course adaptable to any cultural and dietary preferences. 

From seafood delicacies to high quality meat presented on the menu, our Guests have also access to a wide range of wines and cigars, or to a rare coffee machine for the passionate. 

We constantly listen to the desires of our clients for any particular culinary experiences. For example, you can on demand book a romantic terrace or have the open lounges just for you.”

What can you tell us about your "Haute Cuisine" that you offer?

Restaurant interior

What do you particularly love about your region?

Greece landscape
  • You admire ancient Greece history – then Peloponnesus is your choice.
  • You prefer a combination of several countries – then you go Dodecanese (Kos, Rhodes) and then proceed to Turkey coast with cosmopolitan Bodrum, cosy Fethiye, elegant Marmaris.
  • Want no tourists around ? Northern Sporades will make you happy. Skopelos, Skiathos, Skiros, Alonnisos, Euvoia. It also go well with Thessaloniki and Chalkidiki.


Last but not least. Greek ports are probably the cheapest in the world (for sure the cheapest in the Mediterranean)! Since port fees are to be paid by a charterer, this is a good saving on their budget. Besides, if a charter happens in Greece, we charge no relocation fees or they are minimal.”

     ” Greece is our most asked-for region in the whole Mediterranean. The main reason is the incomparable variety of islands in close vicinity to each other, so you can choose a perfect itinerary to your liking and visit many destinations during your charter: 

  • You seek nightlong partying at posh clubs and postcard views – you choose Cyclades and visit Mykonos, Santorini.
  • You are after traditional Greek architectureCyclades again. Paros and Syros are for you.
  • Do you want green pines, white beaches, sea turtles, caves? Ionian isles await you: Zakynthos, Cephalonia, Lefkas, Ithaca, Paxos, Corfu.

What do you think about digitalization in the yacht charter market?

“Obviously, the future is there, as regards standard charters. Running on Waves, however, is a one-and-only luxury event charter venue, which means every charter and program is unique and highly customized, depending on character of an event (private or corporate), group size (15 to 42 guests), itinerary preferences, duration, catering requirements (“simple” luxury or lobster-and-black-caviar-no-less…).

So while you are welcome to book your desired charter dates online, yet after having done so we recommend to speak to us as much as possible, that way we guarantee that you and your guests will have the cruise of your life.”

What future would you give to WavySys?

Awesome future! Yet the amount of online booking platforms, also in charter industry, is growing at cosmic speed, it is a challenge to face, so I think it is important for durable successful operation of a platform to have on offer things that make a difference, that distinguishes this platform from others. And to constantly improve user experience, of course.”

What is the craziest thing you've ever seen on sea?

“Managing a premium luxury yacht gets you to meet amazing people on board of Running on Waves such as princes, princesses, cosmonauts, academics, professors, billionaires, marine photographers, writers, musicians, painters, movie starts, sportsmen etc… You are also sailing and you can spots sea animals like dolphins and sea turtles. It also means witnessing outstanding sunrises and sunsets. One amazing experience is the full moon looming through the sails.

cephalonia greece

Find all contact information about Running on Waves here! 

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