How to request a Crew List

How to request a Crew List

You need to have the Crew List of your client when managing your bookings. Find how to request a crew list using WavySys CRM.

How to add my Terms & Conditions?

How to add my Terms & Conditions

You are about to finalize a booking and need to add your terms and conditions? Learn in this article how to add your terms and conditions with WavySys CRM.

How to create a booking

How to create a booking?

Learn how to create a booking using the WavySys CRM. If you need to send a booking to your client, this is the right place for you!

How to Buy a CRM

How to buy a CRM

Start your 30-day free trial with the WavySys CRM. Find out how to buy your CRM or get an overview before you buy. Get your software now!

How does WavySys CRM work?

How does WavySys CRM work

Need to make sure the CRM is for you? Have an overview of WavySys CRM and see for yourself how that does work for you!

How to create a customer?

How to create a customer

Just met someone who might be a potential client? Learn how to create a customer into your CRM. Centralize all your new business contacts in your CRM.

How to suggest a boat to a customer

Learn how to suggest a boat to a customer with your WavySys CRM. As soon as you found a boat to recommend you can suggest it to your customer.

10 reasons for using a CRM


Still wondering about whether you should integrate a CRM in your business routine? Find out 10 reasons why having a CRM is at your advantage

CRM for beginners

What is a CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. At Wavy, we always go back to basics. Let’s see together how a CRM can help you out.