How does WavySys CRM work?

How does WavySys CRM work

Need to make sure the CRM is for you? Have an overview of WavySys CRM and see for yourself how that does work for you!

How to create a customer?

How to create a customer

Just met someone who might be a potential client? Learn how to create a customer into your CRM. Centralize all your new business contacts in your CRM.

Bruno Santos, #Spotlight Interview

Bruno Santos

Part of our #Spotlight Series, we interviewed Bruno Santos. WavySys user based in Portugal, he tells more about his activity and himself.

2019 Throwback at Wavy

Cover picture of the Blog Post on the Throwback at Wavy for year 2019

2019 was full of inputs from all the team-members. It was a decisive year were we accomplished as much as we could. Let’s have that throwback!

Wavy & Telekom Tech Boost

Wavy & Telekom Boost

Startups are never alone! Many programs provide support to them and will help them grow. Learn more about Wavy and Telekom Tech Boost program.

What is SEO?

What is SEO?

SEO in its simplest terms are actually really easy to understand. SEO is about getting to know the mechanics behind a search engine and a user.