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Tal Zukert, Global Yacht Rentals

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#Spotlight : Tal Zukert

After the first release of our #Spotlight Interview series with Bruno Santo, today comes our second article! 

Tal Zukert is a 30 year-old married man, living in Israel. He’s been working as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) and as the Head of Partners Program of the Global Yacht Rentals (GYR) company, for more than three years now. 

Global Yacht Rentals is young company founded in 2016. The firm is providing the world of travel with tools to find & book boutique cruises aroung the globe. They offer a variety of products to serve the best interest of their customers, such as full vessel charter or cabin charter. Whether it is for family use, couple use or others.

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Can you tell us more about you are?

Sir Tal Zukert

I am sailing since the 6th grade when I joined the “Sea Scouts” movement, we started from rowing and sailing on small boats to be in charge on a 10 m sailing boats with 15 youngsters. 

After managing one of the Sea Scouts’ centers I was drafted to the naval academy.

I decided to leave the navy after 7 years (Captain rank) of service as a combat officer on a missile ship and on training school.

I am also a skipper and love taking Bareboat holidays, love hiking & playing soccer.

How did you get into the sailing world?

My family is always looking for unique & excited activities to do as a hobby or when traveling. I believe that living near the sea helped me to establish my love for the sea, after I experienced in wave surfing, wind surfing, kayaking, diving & swimming I realized that I love sailing the most.

Tell us about your personal tip on the spot

Always keep a warm & productive relationship with your industry, you can never know where you will find your next partner.


You offer a product targeting couples, what can you say about it?

We did start offering cabin charter, it seems to be the beginning of a big trend, we are following the industry and can see the rising demand for it.  It seems that most of our cabin charter clients are lovers!

Why did you choose WavySys?

Our industry is very competitive and we always need to search for the small benefits we have more than others. I think WavySys can make the difference between us and others.

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