The benefit of the new Booking Button

The WavySys Booking Button is our newest feature.

We’ve developed it to help our charterers to get more bookings through their website, emails and all social media channels.

With this feature:

  • you receive all booking requests directly with one click
  • you receive the ability to spread your offers via webpages, emails and
    social media channels
  • you receive a simple integration in web pages, manage all
    your booking requests via WavySys and use our integrated messenger to
    communicate with your clients
  • you won’t pay any commission, because there is no longer an intermediate

Change your webpage into a profitable booking channel, get booked more
often directly and keep full control over everything just from the beginning.
Go to your boats page and activate your booking button now.
The best comes last: there are no extra or hidden costs. You pay ONLY 1 Euro
per boat per month, or 10 Euros per boat per year.

In this video we explain again why it is important to use the booking button to make booking process much easier for your customers.

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