The Wavy tips for preparing for a trade fair

Exhibition preparation: The Wavy tips for preparing for a trade fair


Trade fairs – there are countless of their kind, whether for start-ups or established companies: they are unavoidable. At a trade fair, entrepreneurs can present, inform and exchange information. With the correct set of skills, new customers and co-operation partners can be acquired.

Even Wavy can’t miss the opportunity to exhibit regularly at trade fairs. For example, this year we will be represented at the Boot in Düsseldorf. There, we have a small booth at the BMWI Lounge in Hall 11. If you have planned a trade fair appearance and are wondering what you need to organise for such a fair, the following summary of our experiences will help you:


Which fair is the right one?


  • Find suitable trade fairs for your company’s products
  • The topic of the fair should suit the company
  • The size of the fair is not as important as reaching the right target group
  • The fair venue and its duration must be carefully considered, as these are both factors for logistic and personnel costs
  • After the decision, the registration is often done directly on the homepage of the fair or of its organizer


Which stand size is the right one?


This usually depends on the budget. Exhibition stands have no limits. Large companies donate tens of thousands of euros per fair and construct innovative and futuristic stands, some of which stretch to over 100 square meters.

Often the location of the stand can also be a budget issue, as prices can fluctuate greatly, depending on how busy the paths around the stand are.


The concept of the booth


A stand is nothing without the correct advertising for the company. There are several ways to get noticed:

  • The logo and the name of the company should be clearly visible to passers-by
  • Overall, the stands concept should be tailored to the target demographic

Since the boot is visited on different days, both by many trade visitors and by private individuals, the concept should reach both target groups.

For example, Wavy wants to reach both business-to-business visitors with the booking system WavySys, and business-to-customer visitors with the online platform WavyBoats and WavyWeeks. These two customer approaches should be differentiated.


Publicity Material

The aim of the fair is to acquire as many new customers as possible and to attract attention. Especially for us as a start-up, this fair offers a great opportunity to present ourselves to the world.

If you don’t want to take care of advertising material and marketing yourself, you can take advantage of the services offered by the trade fair organizers. These often include various presentation options, such as possible advertising space on the fairgrounds, as well as different print and online entries.

We also produce flyers and goodies so that our customers can still remember us after the fair. Especially for business customers, enough business cards should be available to make contacts and thus further expand their business network.

Besides print material, digital advertising as well as an image film is a very useful, effective and eye-catching tool.



Trade shows are a perfect time to make new contacts and network in the industry.

Before the fair, you can already see all the participating companies on the exhibition homepage, so that you can then connect with interesting companies, and identify possible dates for an introduction and getting to know each other. However, it is important to allow enough time at the stand to be able to look after spontaneous customers.

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