Company Updates

Company updates

Find out more about our WavySys Company Update, month of June. as you know, every month WavySys launches new updates that bring new features and improvements. In this article you will learn everything about the WavySys Update 1.54 and what else is new for Wavy GmbH:

The Travel Agency Login

This month it finally happened: WavySys launched the Travel Agency Login. We have already announced it in several articles, because this function revolutionizes the yacht charter and tourism market! Therefore we would like to take a short look at the possibilities and benefits of the Agency Login and explain how travel agencies and charter companies benefit from it:

The Travel Agency Login is an innovation of WavySys and enables travel agencies to access the WavySys database with about 2,300 boats and 400 cooperating charter companies. And this despite the fact that Wavy GmbH has only existed since July 2018. So not even one year!

On the other hand, the Agency Login helps charter companies to make their boats accessible to travel agencies. And charter companies can expand their network with the new registration process for agencies with the help of WavySys. With the Agency Login travel agencies have the possibility to exclusively book boats for their end customers and customers can finally spend their dream vacation at sea!

The Travel Agency Search

Travel agencies have the possibility to use different filters for an uncomplicated and concrete search. For example, you can sort by company nameprices and dates.

Of course, with the new update travel agencies also have the possibility to manage end customer data!

You can find out more about the agency login and the functions in our Travel Agency Login blog post.

The Copy-Boat-Button for charters

The WavySys Copy-Boat-Button, which duplicates boat information with a simple click, is also a new feature of WavySys that allows charter companies to save time and work more efficiently. This means that charterers only have to upload a photo again if they have two identical boats. No other booking system in the charter market offers such a function so far! 

The WavySys Messenger Tool 

We have already reported a little about the Messenger Tool in in the WavySys newsletter . With the new update, travel agencies can also communicate directly with charter companies, even specific to offers. This means that messages can be exchanged directly in real-time availability in the chat.

Wavy GmbH leaves SIB

Wavy was a total of one year funded by the SIB in the period from 01.07.2018 to 30.06.2019.

This year the Wavy team was part of the innovative Startup Incubator Berlin and was supported with office space and financial means for the team building. The Startup Incubator Scholarship is funded by the ESF and the Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Business. You can find out what this means in our partner article.

Now the Wavy GmbH continues independently with its own offices and a core team of 6 members, exclusive external employees and interns.

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