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Wavy GmbH believes that with the right cooperations and partners, growth, efficiency and speed can be achieved. That is why we have a large network of partners and associations of which we are a member. Discover thr WavySys Partners! 

Whether it is about payment administration or excursions within our WavyWeeks or at WavyBoats, our partners support us in the best possible execution of our processes and offers. In this article we introduce you to our partners and show you which associations we belong to.


Yachtering Logo

Food Delivery Solutions for Charterers, Fleets and Boating Holidaymakers

Wavy is a partner of Yachtering – the food delivery solution for charterers and fleets. As a Wavy customer, you can save your holiday time and simply pre-order food for your boating holiday.

Yachtering is a fast, intelligent and convenient food delivery service for your boat trip. Fleets and charterers have been working with Yachtering for years and the service has been available to boaters since 2016.

Yachtering supplies special food sets and household sets for use on your yacht. You can order your ready-made sets, which contain everything you need for your boating holiday. Simply specify the number of people and days on board and you will receive the necessary amount of provisions (food, drinks and household items).

Yachtering delivers the goods directly to the deck of your yacht. The quality of all products is guaranteed by the Metro Group (the largest supplier in Europe). Yachtering has local teams in Croatia, Italy, Spain, Turkey and Portugal who take care of order processing and delivery.

Meine Landausflüge

Mein Landausflüge logo

What would the sea be without the coast? The perfect boating holiday depends not only on the right yacht and the weather, but also on how to discover the coast and the nearby cities. In order not to leave anything to chance during these discovery tours, Meine Landausflüge takes care of the planning of these shore excursions.

What is Meine Landausflüge?

Meine Landausflüge is the leading independent booking platform for German-speaking shore excursions. In addition to the classic cruise guest as customer, the portal is also aimed at all other interested parties who would like to enjoy great experiences on land in small groups, e.g. as part of a sailing trip or a round trip with their own or chartered motor yacht.

What does Meine Landausflüge offer?

From classics such as city tours and walks to Segway tours to more unusual cooking courses or helicopter flights – Meine Landausflüge can organise just about anything at absolutely fair prices!

The advantages:

– Great excursion offers
– Individualized excursion packages
– Low prices
– High customer satisfaction
– Local and experienced agencies with German-speaking guides
– Personal contact


Mangopay logo

Mangopay is a digital payment service provider specializing in online marketplaces, crowdfunding, platforms and sharing economy companies.
Mangopay was founded for entrepreneurs and minimizes the effort for payment systems by integrating a whitelabel solution directly into their own system that accepts direct payments in multiple currencies and automatically pays out.

How does Mangopay work?

Mangopay creates individual e-wallets for buyers and sellers in which money is kept safe for as long as necessary. The end-to-end payment solution is unique in the market due to the E-Money-Issuer license (BaFin license in Germany). It enables companies to accept payments, deposit the funds in trust and pay them out with ease, speed and efficiency.


Bundersverband Deutsche Startups e.V

bundesverband deutsche startup logo

 Wavy is part of the Bundesverband Deutsche Startups e.V. (Federal Association of German Startups). There we belong to the Travel Tech category, where you can also find us on the website. Why we wanted to be part of the German Startup Association and what advantages membership has for us you can find out in the following. 

The German Startup Association sees itself as the representative and voice of the startups in Germany. For this reason, it is committed to dialogue with decision-makers in politics and develops proposals that promote the culture of independence. In this way, the hurdles for start-ups are to be lowered. These are sometimes difficult to overcome.

Established corporations and strong lobbies do not make it easy for small and young companies to find a hearing in politics, society and business.

Members of Bundesverband Deutsche Startups e.V.

In total, over 600 startups, over 30 student start-up initiatives, investors and incubators as well as many other commercial enterprises are represented in the Startup Association.

The start-ups include other Berlin companies such as AirbnbBloomy Daysblogfoster and emmy, the platform for electric scooters.

More than 750 members of the Bundesverband Deutsche Startups e.V. exchange information in regional groups, content platforms, networks and events.

On internal platforms and in networks, members communicate openly with each other in order to learn from each other and discuss problems in a protected atmosphere.

There is also a Startup Entrepreneurs Network and the Business Angel Network in the Startup Association, which promote the exchange and networking of their members within the framework of their own events.

Public Relations of the Bundesverband Deutsche Startups e.V.

With campaigns and events, the Bundesverband Deutsche Startups e.V. is committed to a positive image of startups in society. Of course, young companies can profit a lot from this. The importance of startups for Germany is underlined by corresponding studies conducted by the Bundesverband Deutsche Startups e.V. (Federal Association of German Startups).

Das Bundesverband Deutsche Startups e.V. Network

The establishment and networking of regional start-up initiatives in Germany are really important. As a member of the Federal Association for German Startups, companies also enjoy cooperation with industry associations, important institutions and established companies.

Travel Tech: Wavy & Bundesverband Deutsche Startups e.V.

Together with travel companies like secret escapesbookitgreen und GetYourGuide gehört Wavy zu der Kategorie Travel Tech .

With Wavy  you have the possibility to find the boat of your dreams worldwide and book the perfect boating holiday on the platform. There are no hidden costs at Wavy and all payments are secure and cashless through our payment provider Mangopay.

All landlords on Wavy are legitimized according to the KYC (Know Your Customer) standard, which is mainly used by banks and insurance companies. We can recommend 100 percent of all charterers on the Wavy platform with a clear conscience.

Wavy & Startup Incubator Berlin   

Wavy was a total of one year funded by the SIB in the period from 01.07.2018 to 30.06.2019.

This year the Wavy team was part of the innovative Startup Incubator Berlin and was supported with office space and financial means for the team building.

What is the Startup Incubator Berlin?

“The Startup Incubator Berlin is a workshop and experimental area for those interested in founding a company and for founders. Ideas, concepts and prototypes are promoted here. It is a place of creativity, encounter and exchange. This is where ideas ignite and sparkle”.

Through the Startup Incubator Berlin, the Wavy founders not only receive a new office space in a co-working space with further innovative startups, but are also supported in many other areas. This includes, for example, cooperation with mentors and coaches from the business world and Berlin’s universities in order to receive feedback and better work out special topics. The Wavy founders are also involved in Berlin’s universities and will play an active role with their company in various courses.

Regular events and workshops will continue to be offered for the founders, so that networking in the start-up scene goes without saying.

If you want to know more about the Startup Incubator Berlin, you can follow this link.

The Startup Incubator Scholarship is funded by the ESF and the Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Enterprises.

The European Social Fund (ESF) is the European Union’s main instrument for promoting employment in Europe. It improves access to better jobs, offers qualifications and supports social integration. The ESF brings Europe to life in Germany.


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