WavySys Update 09/2019

WavySys is proud to announce the new update to WavySys.com and for the WavySys app. You gave us your feedback in the last few weeks and we worked very hard to answer your suggestion and to your needs. We hope you will enjoy it and make your comments on it. We are working on making your life easier.

Following features are updated:

Initial page design 

We make a better design from the beginning to the end of WavySys. 

It’s important to combine innovation, IT and good design to make your life easier. 

We strive to optimize WavySys while keeping the innovative functions that make our system unique


Optimized the Wavy search

Wavy Search parameters work better and give out faster results.



Company Accounts

New tab “My Company” You can add employees and have different users on the same account.

The employee wants to have access to the account to manage bookings. 

They want to be able to discuss on the WavySys messenger



You have the opportunity to invite new users by email.

You can create and edit person dialog, that means you can change as you want the person for the dialog. 

You can create and edit address dialog, that means you can choose the address of your profile and you can change it, so you can add the address of your company. 


New sign up process

We made a clear difference between each type of account. (Charter, Agency)

Charter: provider, add the boat on their profile. 

Agency: search boat to rent for their agencies customer


Generate and store a PDF of the T & C from a text version

This feature allows you to generate your T & C in a PDF format from WavySys.com

So you can store it, that means that your T & C wants to be saved in the system.


The T & C of the charter is sent automatically after booking request

When you receive a booking the system will automatically send you your terms and conditions. 

In addition to WavySys Terms & Conditions, they will.


We have our payment system, which will be handled by Stripe. 

The payment will be executed with SEPA. The Single Euro Payments Area ( SEPA ) is a payment-integration initiative of the European Union for the simplification of bank transfers denominated in euro .


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